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Burundi identifies WHO chief and three other experts

May 14, 2020

With a verbal announcement on Tuesday published by the local media this Thursday, the State Department informed the WHO delegation of the decision without giving a reason for expelling its members.

The document is limited to stating that WHO representative in the country, Walter Kazadi Mulombo, as well as Tarzy Daniel, Ruhana Mirindi and Jean Pierre Mulunda, “must leave Burundi before May 15”. Finally, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs “takes the opportunity” to convey “the guarantees of its high consideration” to the WHO representation.

The decision will be taken in the middle of the election campaign for the presidential election on May 20, when the Burundians will have to choose Pierre Nkurunziza’s successor. The pandemic leaves 27 cases and one dead in the country, according to the latest WHO data.

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