Burger King enters the chicken sandwich war with the Ch’King

It’s all fair in love and chicken wars as another fast food giant entered the competition to create the best Chicken sandwich.

Burger King is ready to launch its new crispy sandwich called Ch’King, 3rd of June.

Burger King enters the chicken sandwich war with the Ch’King
Burger King enters the chicken sandwich war with the Ch’King

The sandwich has been withdrawn from selected stores across the country. The article was originally announced in early February this year.

It consists of a hand-breaded chicken fillet with cucumber and the famous chicken sauce. Burger King on a potato muffin.

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“We said we were going to create a delicious hand-breaded chicken sandwich that was worth the wait. We just didn’t expect it to be this good,” said Ellie Doty, director of marketing at Burger King North America.

In order to increase sales and the awareness of the new item, Burger King is holding a campaign from June 3rd to 20th in which customers who buy Ch’King online or via the BK app will receive a free Whopper.

The battle for the fast food chicken sandwich began in August 2019 when Popeye launched its fried chicken sandwich, which immediately sold out in stores across the country. The sandwich, which included breaded chicken, pickles, sauce and a brioche bun, caught Chick-fil-A’s attention, who dealt Popeye’s an obvious blow for creating almost the same sandwich.

Since then, fast food chains like Wendy’s, Arby’s, McDonald’s, and even Taco Bell have tried to give the classic sandwich a twist.

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Burger King’s launch comes at a risky time as the entire restaurant industry is facing widespread poultry shortages due to supply and demand issues, many of which are believed to have been caused by the pandemic.

However, the company believes that its phased implementation methodology and expectation of high demand will prevent the expected revenue and inability to keep up with demand.

“We are not immune to macro forces, they hit us like everyone else, but we have a very robust supply chain support system in place, we have a diversified group of suppliers,” said Doty.

And industry experts are confident that chicken fever is going nowhere.

“No matter which chicken sandwich wins the chicken sandwich war or which sandwich competes with the hamburger, operators who put chicken sandwiches or hamburgers or both on their menu are going in the right direction,” said food industry advisor for NPD David Portalatin.

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