Bukele gives the deputies a week to approve the loan or will call a new demonstration

El presidente de El Salvador, Nayib Bukele, se dirige a sus simpatizantes tras la sesión extraordinaria de la Asamblea Legislativa.

The president of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele, addresses his supporters after the extraordinary session of the Legislative Assembly. – TWITTER @ELCONSEJOSV

The Legislative Assembly is taken by the Army

The president of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele, has granted the Legislature a week to approve a loan of 109 million dollars (about 100 million euros) that promotes Phase III of the Territorial Control Plan, an initiative to improve the internal security, or will convene a new demonstration next Sunday.

Bukele gives the deputies a week to approve the loan or will call a new demonstration
Bukele gives the deputies a week to approve the loan or will call a new demonstration

“I ask for your patience, if these scoundrels do not approve this week Phase 3 of the Territorial Control Plan we will reconvene here next Sunday,” Bukele said in a speech given to the people who have addressed the Parliament, convened by the same.

“No people who have gone against God have succeeded, one more week, gentlemen, one week,” he insisted, as reported by the Twitter account of the Council of Ministers.

Likewise, the president has defended the extraordinary call this Sunday to approve the loan and that has been attended by about twenty deputies of the 84 that make up the Assembly, while having lashed out at the deputies for not attending.

“The deputies of the Assembly do not want to approve money that is neither of them to guarantee the safety of the Salvadoran people,” he said to his supporters.

“Now we know that the deputies, who do not want to approve the money for the security of the Salvadorans, negotiated with the gangs and gave them money to buy weapons,” he continued, referring to the Arena party and the Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front (FMLN)

“The deputies can vote in favor or they can vote against the financing to Phase 3 of the Territorial Control Plan, what they could not do was to miss this call, and they did it,” he said.

In parallel, he pointed out that “not only did the Constitution oblige deputies to attend this day, the Internal Regulations of the same Legislative Assembly forced them to come.” “What is unconstitutional that we meet in a street and that we summon them to legislate for Salvadorans?” Bukele has asked.

In this context, he has accused absent deputies in the “constitutional contempt” vote. “The deputies who are not here are in constitutional contempt,” he said before assuring that “it is now very clear who has control of the situation and the decision we are going to make now we will take in the hands of God.”

“The people have the right to insurrection to remove officials and restore constitutional order. And may God give us wisdom for the steps we are going to take and then the decision is in you,” he added.

Members of the National Civil Police and the Armed Forces have broken into the headquarters of the Legislative Assembly on Sunday along with some of the official deputies who appeared to participate in the extraordinary session convened by Bukele.

Bukele himself has arrived at the Legislative Assembly shortly after 4:00 pm and has addressed the deputies present, considered related to him despite being a minority in the House.

The opposition to Bukele has denounced an attempt to “self-coup” of the State in progress with an offensive directed at the Legislative Assembly on the grounds that he should vote on the loan.

The deputies, with a majority of the opposition to Bukele, refuse to submit to the dictates of the Government. In response, Bukele has summoned his supporters to demonstrate before Parliament and has called for “insurrection” to force the Legislature to approve the president's proposals.

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