Build exponential leadership to move your company forward and overcome the crisis

Today more than ever it is evident that we are facing an era governed by the exponential speed of change, so every leader needs to have these 4 approaches in their decision-making.

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The health contingency for the Covid-19 accelerated the process of the work of the future , now thousands of workers are doing home office and hundreds of leaders directing teams remotely. What a challenge for everyone! And the question is how do we face this situation?

Build exponential leadership to move your company forward and overcome the crisis
Build exponential leadership to move your company forward and overcome the crisis

If we look back economic recessions and pandemics have changed the trajectory of governments, economies and companies. For example, the 2002-2004 SARS pandemic catalyzed Alibaba's meteoric growth, and the 2008 financial crisis sparked two great unicorns like Uber and Airbnb . So today is a great opportunity to change direction and prepare for the world after Covid-19.

The great challenges require great leaders who are willing to propose radical solutions to the great problems of humanity, with a massive transformative purpose. Today more than ever it is evident that we are facing an era governed by the exponential speed of change. Nestor Márquez, professor at IEBS, Tec de Monterrey and prominent member of the Institute for Exponential Growth, explains, in his talk, How prepared are we for the future? , that we are facing a VUCA scenario (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous), which requires exponential leadership.

How does that type of leadership work? Based on the theory of Lisa Kay Salomon of Singularity University, Márquez explains that there are four approaches in which leaders must be trained in both mentality and skills to meet the challenge of the new era. It is time for you to check if you are having the correct approach as a leader, if not, do not worry that today you can prepare for that.

  • Futuristic approach

It consists of imagining amazing things to build in the future. It is about being visionary and imagining an ideal future, but at the same time, ambitious and optimistic . A futuristic leader believes that in each generation the world is better and more abundant.

A futuristic person fights for ideas that any other would dismiss as impossible. Ideas called moonshots that come from their ability to connect signals and trends to obtain patterns.

An essential characteristic of every futuristic leader is his ability to tell well what he has imagined, that is , communication and narrative skills .

  • Innovative approach

Technology causes innovation to be a constant today. The leader must understand the importance of innovation seen as the ability to create things with an impact on the market . Leaders must have a creative mindset, with a great deal of creativity produced by curiosity .

This requires a great capacity for adaptation to the context of the moment, as well as for resilience since, in innovation processes, failure is a habitual and natural matter.

  • Technological focus

Technology today offers a wide range of possibilities. As a leader, you must be able to visualize the disruption that technology is capable of causing , know how technology matures and become productive, the behavioral curves themselves, as well as the exponential growth curve that reaches its maximum expression with the Law of Moore.

From a technological perspective, leaders must seek to connect with customer profiles that seek value in the new, early adopters . They will also need capabilities to connect and develop alliances with other agents in the value chain of a product in the most automated way possible.

  • Humanistic approach

Although we have talked a lot about technology, people will always be above everything. In this context, exponential leaders pay special attention so that their decisions positively impact people , whether inside or outside the organization.

To be a humanistic leader you must develop empathy, commitment and passion not only with the organization, but also with the rest of the stakeholders, on whom it has an impact. And, very importantly, you must understand and embrace social changes as something positive .

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