Buenbit resumes buying and selling DAI services with dollars

In Argentina, in the context of the economic crisis, there are high inflation rates and severe restrictions on buying US dollars Buenbit had decided to discontinue DAI / USD operations. However, the company began sending messages to its customers informing them that the service would resume.

It should be noted that some non-minor details are clarified in the declaration, e.g. B. that users have to inform banks about the origin of the transfers. Below we describe the complete message from Buenbit to its customers:

Dear customer. We hope you are well.

We would like to inform you that we have updated and improved our platform so that it can adapt efficiently to the new regulations. Among other things, we have implemented a new deposit limit system (on the same platform you can check which one is yours).

As a result, we have decided to re-enable DAI / USD market operations for users residing in the Argentine Republic. From now on we will receive dollar deposits again and the DAI buying and selling service with dollars will be resumed.

To reduce the risk of delaying or declining dollar transfers to your bank, we recommend the following measures:

  1. Plan our CBU in pesos and our CBU in dollars in your bank
  2. Notify the bank of the origin of the transfer. Remember that all operations at Buenbit issue a voucher.
  3. Minimize the number of dollar transfers from Buenbit to your bank.

At Buenbit we will continue to work as always to offer you the best financial solutions.

Again there were reactions on social media:

Buenbit resumes buying and selling DAI services with dollars
Buenbit resumes buying and selling DAI services with dollars

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