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June 20, 2020

Warned by Buda.comthrough a statement sent to users that some of their customers have reported the existence of false profiles on Facebook trying to pretend to be a company.

Apparently, The wrong profiles and posts are said to become the credentials of the user account on this platform, which allow them to trade cryptocurrencies and steal what they have on them.

As an example, they cited one of the fraudulent posts and commented that the text trying to trap us is something like this: warns of fraud attempts on warns of fraud attempts on Facebook

“Good news. We are giving bonuses to 50 loyal users at to improve the quality of our platform. Congratulations! You are one of the loyal users of and are lucky enough to get a price of 0.5 BTC ( 4355.04 EUR).

Get your bonus here: (shortened URL)

* Log in to your wallet; there will be a bonus * ”

They also invited customers to report this type of content on Facebook as it attempts to defraud.

“”Once you’ve entered and entered your credentials on the fake page, go to and change your password immediately“They also noted in the statement. They also invited them to share this warning with those who may be potential victims.

“We would also like to remind you that at we do not work with agents who manage third party accounts and that each customer is responsible for the security of their account. Let’s take care of each other, ”they added.

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