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BSN will continue to be a networked network, said the initiative member

July 27, 2020

The China Blockchain Service Network (BSN) will examine how best to address public blockchains worldwideA member of the initiative said, a network that is interconnected and does not split into separate units.

The BSN recently founded various groups with the idea that one Study public blockchains that comply with Chinese law and the other Develop more flexible public blockchains that can accommodate ecosystems internationally.

The group that deals with international blockchains, BSN-International is managed by Red Date Tech. BSN-China is headed by the current BSN Development Association.

BSN will continue to be a networked network, said the initiative memberBSN will continue to be a networked network, said the initiative member

Yifan He, CEO of Red Date Tech, told Cointelegraph that The two groups continue to operate in a global BSN network that spans the world and China and have not been divided into separate entities. Said:

“”Every country has laws and regulations for the provision and use of the Internet, in particular for data protection, security and data localization.. Once the BSN is global, the same guidelines must be followed. In any country or region, all BSN operations must comply with local laws and regulations. In China, there is a clear legal restriction on the provision of public blockchain networks without permission. Since the BSN is intended to be a global interoperability network, it must meet these standards in China, but also be flexible enough to take other blockchain ecosystems such as public chains internationally into account. “

Add that The BSN “will catalyze an internet paradigm similar to the backbone of the blockchain internet.” Connect all private and public frames.

BSN-International does have an independent management body that is separate from the management body of the network in the country. However, this does not mean that it is no longer integrated into BSN in China.

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