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Brussels coordinates the relocation of migrants aboard the German ship ‘Eleonore’

August 28, 2019


The European Commission has confirmed on Wednesday that it is coordinating the relocation of a hundred migrants who are aboard the ship 'Eleonore', from the German NGO Mission Lifeline, since last Monday, when they were rescued in the Mediterranean Sea.

“We have received a request from a Member State to proceed with the coordination between the member states that volunteer to host a portion of the people who are on the ship,” the Migration spokeswoman said in a press conference. Community executive, Natasha Bertaud.

Brussels has detailed that contacts with the member states for such relocation “are underway”, although it has not detailed with what capitals it is holding talks.

In any case, Bertaud has asked “all parties” involved, including the German NGO, to “contribute to find a solution” for rescued people who continue aboard the 'Eleonore', which still does not have permission to disembark at Migrants in any port.

Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini vetoed the entry into Italian waters of the German ship on Tuesday and recalled that he is facing a possible fine of one million euros because he anticipated a performance by the Libyan Coast Guard to make the rescue .

The Maltese authorities have also reminded the vessel that it does not have permission to enter its territorial waters, according to the captain and owner of the ship, Claus-Peter Reisch.