Brussels and London reach an agreement for an orderly Brexit

Missing the approval of Westminster and the Eurocamara to be valid

The European Commission and the Boris Johnson Government have reached an agreement on Thursday to ensure that the rupture between the United Kingdom and the European Union takes place in an orderly manner, although the pact still needs the approval of European leaders and the approval of British and European Parliaments to be valid.

“The negotiators have reached an agreement on the revised protocol for Ireland and Northern Ireland and on the political declaration (which lays the basis for the future relationship),” the president of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, wrote in a letter to the president of the Council, Donald Tusk, to inform him of the progress.

Brussels and London reach an agreement for an orderly Brexit
Brussels and London reach an agreement for an orderly Brexit

The protocol affecting Ulster was the last obstacle to save since London flatly rejected the initially designed Irish safeguard, but the EU considered it essential to avoid returning to a hard border on the island and also to protect the integrity of the Single Market .

The block demanded to transfer to a legally binding text a credible alternative, feasible and with the same guarantees to accept a change.

The pact has the “approval” of the European Commission and also that of the British Government, as Johnson has transferred to Juncker in a telephone conversation held early.

“When there is a will, there is an agreement: We have one. It is a fair and balanced agreement for the European Union and for the United Kingdom and is proof of our commitment to find solutions,” Juncker said later through social networks, to announce that he has asked the heads of state and government to validate the agreement during his summit this Thursday.

“We have a great new agreement that regains control. Now Parliament should make Brexit effective on Saturday so we can continue with other priorities such as the cost of living, the national health system, violent crimes and the environment,” The British Prime Minister has also written on Twitter.

London says it can fulfill parliamentary ratification in a matter of “days”, in principle it is expected that the House of Commons voted for it this Saturday, while the European Parliament has also pledged to expedite its part to put it to a vote in its full next week and that the agreement was on time for Brexit on October 31.

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