Brock Pierce reveals the reason for his surprising presidential bid

Brock Pierce, President of the Bitcoin Foundation revealed that his campaign to become the next president of the United States It will focus on creating a country where technological innovations can thrive.

Pierce spoke at a Unitize conference on July 7th. He referred to the fact that Although the campaign is unlikely to win, it will be a way to highlight the benefits of blockchain technology. A central theme will be creating a better environment for innovators – especially millennials and generation Zs.

“The United States has historically been the capital of innovation and a leader in technology like blockchain. I don’t think this is the best environment for innovators. I see many of our country’s best innovators moving to Asia. To Europe, to other places because they don’t feel safe to develop and experiment. “

Pierce hopes to create a regulatory platform for blockchain companies, where they are not limited to “extremely expensive licenses” in the first two years of operation.

Brock Pierce reveals the reason for his surprising presidential bid
Brock Pierce reveals the reason for his surprising presidential bid

Said A president who is able to understand the financial instruments currently available may have made significant changesB. Accelerate the issuance of $ 1,200 short-term financial checks. Many Americans waited weeks or even months to receive aid.

“We need people who understand what is really going on in the world. Those of us who are at the forefront of this business are designing the tools and systems that will create the future in which we will all live.”

Are you vying for victory?

Pierce compared himself to former presidential candidate Ron Paul, who unsuccessfully ran for the lead three times, helping to highlight some key financial processes in the United States.

“This candidacy for the President will bring many very important talks to the front.”

Symbolic vote

In your daily newsletter, Cryptanalyst Mati Greenspan agreed to that The former child star has little chance of success. However, He believes the effort will be “good for Bitcoin” and will include the issue in the national conversation.

The analyst said that many believe that current U.S. President Donald Trump is only running as a presidential stunt to do business for his hotels and other businesses. Trump finally refused to give up financial control over his business – an obvious violation of the U.S. Constitution’s Emoluments clause – after winning. Pierce said he would put all of his stake in crypto companies – an estimated net worth of hundreds of millions – in a blind trust if chosen.

Pierce announced his presidential candidacy for the first time in a tweet dated July Kanye West. His campaign website claims he is a pioneer of the digital currency and has raised more than $ 5 billion for the companies he founded.

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