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Britain confirms 627 new coronavirus victims

May 12, 2020

The UK government confirmed 627 new coronavirus pandemic deaths this Tuesday, leading to a provisional balance of 329,922 victims, which could be less than actual value, since official statistics have since grown to around 50,000 additional deaths in mid-March.

The UK Department of Health updated its official balance sheet on Tuesday, which shows a total of 226,463 positive results. The authorities have listed 3,403 other cases in the last 24 hours.

The Boris Johnson government has reviewed the preparation of this census over the weeks, so the death record includes not only those who died in hospitals but also those who lost their lives in homes or nursing homes.

Britain confirms 627 new coronavirus victimsBritain confirms 627 new coronavirus victims

On May 1, the official number of victims was around 28,000, but the official statistical institute (ONS) had registered around 36,000 death certificates on that day, mentioning COVID-19. The data would be even higher, with around 50,000 deaths above average between mid-March and early May, the BBC reports.

In an interview with the ITV network, British Health Minister Matt Hancock admitted that social distancing will continue to be the norm for the coming months, even in summer. Therefore, it is “likely” that the British cannot enjoy a vacation this summer, at least not a “wasteful international vacation”.

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