Brexit encourages independence sentiment in Wales

LONDON, Sep 13 (DPA / EP) –

The opposition of a majority of the Welsh on leaving the United Kingdom to the European Union has raised support for the independence of the territory to 33 percent, an unprecedented figure, according to a poll published Friday.

The survey, prepared by YouGov, has raised more than a thousand people the possibility that Wales would be independent if it could continue within the EU after Brexit. 48 percent said they would continue to vote 'no' for secession, while 17 percent are not clear about their position.

Brexit encourages independence sentiment in Wales
Brexit encourages independence sentiment in Wales

However, one in three respondents would vote for independence, an unprecedented historical support. According to YouGov, there are also 28 percent of Welsh who declare themselves favorable to the secession of Wales, regardless of their relationship with the EU.

The leader of the nationalist Plaid Cymru party, Adam Price, has described these figures as “sensational”, as they give wings to the independence “ambition”. “Independence is moving from marginality to being a central issue,” Price said.

The Plaid Cymru hopes that, as Prime Minister Boris Johnson will “bring” the United Kingdom “to the abyss,” “more people will ask for a Wales free from the scorn of Westminster.”

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