Brexit deals: How many will there be?

Image copyrightPierre Carril/ESA
Image caption Among the Brexit deals that may need to be done are two involving the EU’s Galileo satellite navigation system

There could be up to 20 different Brexit deals between the UK and the EU that take years to be approved.

That was the image conjured by the European Parliament’s Brexit co-ordinator, Guy Verhofstadt.

He told MEPs last month that it would be sensible to have an overall treaty – an “Association Agreement” – instead of lots of separate side deals that might have to be approved individually by the European Parliament, Westminster and the parliaments of the 27 remaining member states.

Brexit deals: How many will there be?
Brexit deals: How many will there be?

This is how the EU manages its relationships with Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia, for example.

But is Mr Verhofstadt correct that multiple deals could emerge from the Brexit process?

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