Brazil starts free trade talks with Mexico

SAO PAULO, Sep 10 (Reuters / EP) –

The Deputy Minister of Economy of Brazil and in charge of foreign trade, Marcos Troyjo, said Monday that the Brazilian government has formally initiated free trade talks with Mexico this week in an attempt to reach a complex trade pact between the two largest economies of Latinamerica.

The talks are Brazil's most recent effort to open its economy and trade more with the rest of the world. The Government of the president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, has already begun a series of negotiations to reach a trade agreement with the United States.

Brazil starts free trade talks with Mexico
Brazil starts free trade talks with Mexico

In a conference organized by the Brazil-China Business Council, Troyjo said that Brazil hopes to increase trade with Mexico, mainly the sale of agricultural products.

Hours later, the authorities of the country have indicated that although it is seeking to expand two current economic complementation agreements there is nothing defined yet.

In July, US President Donald Trump said he would seek a trade agreement with Brazil, suggesting that a friendly relationship with Bolsonaro could help reduce trade barriers between the two economies.

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