Brazil recognizes delays in second dose of vaccine in more than 1.5 million people

Brazilian Health Minister Marcelo Queiroga said Tuesday that due to delays, more than 1.5 million people who received the first dose of the coronavirus vaccine were not vaccinated with the second.

In a meeting with the Brazilian press this Wednesday, Queiroga stated that a new plan will be carried out in the coming days with the rest of the country’s states and municipalities to reach out to the people who are still waiting for that second dose to finish to immunize against the virus.

So far, two vaccines have been supplied in Brazil, both of which are approved in an emergency, that of AstraZeneca, which becomes more effective if the time between a dose and the next three months does not exceed three months. and that of the Chinese company Coronavac, which recommends not to exceed 28 days between one puncture and another.

Brazil recognizes delays in second dose of vaccine in more than 1.5 million people
Brazil recognizes delays in second dose of vaccine in more than 1.5 million people

Despite the delays, Minister Queiroga was confident that the vaccination plan would continue and assured that “the situation will improve” when the laboratories of Fiocruz and Butantan, which are responsible for the development and manufacture of vaccines in Brazil, “more Receive raw materials “” to continue the process.

In return, he recalled that the portfolio he managed had invested 150 million reais (22.1 million euros) in the COVAX program, so further doses are expected in the coming weeks.

Speaking to the press, Agencia Brasil says Queiroga ruled out the government considering the possibility of a new detention, despite the high number of deaths and deaths that the country continues to register daily, as “a homogeneous measure for the whole country “Territory will not work,” but he has promised that action will be taken “to prevent extreme scenarios from being reached”.

More than 31.2 million people have been vaccinated in Brazil, according to the balance gathered by the Brazilian press when data was compiled by the state health secretariats. More than 23.8 million people, representing 11.26 percent of the population, received at least one dose, while approximately 7.4 million, nearly 3.5 percent of the population, were vaccinated with both.

Brazil exceeded 13.5 million cases and nearly 355,000 deaths from COVID-19 this Monday. The Ministry of Health reported 35,785 infections on the last day and 1,480 deaths in its last balance.

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