Brazil breaks a new record for coronavirus deaths with 3,250 deaths in a single day

Fiocruz is seeking 14-day restrictions in 24 states with “critical warning” due to intensive care unit occupation

Bolsonaro calls for calm and guarantees the supply of vaccines, while the doses announced for April are again reduced

Brazil broke a new record of coronavirus deaths by adding 3,251 deaths just on the last day, which has seen 298,676 deaths in the country since the pandemic began, with almost all states on “critical alert” for the occupation critical units.

Brazil breaks a new record for coronavirus deaths with 3,250 deaths in a single day
Brazil breaks a new record for coronavirus deaths with 3,250 deaths in a single day

This new record reflects the lack of control over the health crisis in Brazilian territory, worst with 12,130,019 confirmed positive results, of which 82,493 were diagnosed in the last 24 hours, while 10,601,658 people made it to the disease to overcome Ministry of Health.

Brazil is now the hardest hit country by COVID-19, which has also led to the collapse of the healthcare system due to a lack of beds, doctors and supplies to care for coronavirus-affected patients.

In this context, the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Fiocruz) has called for all cities and states to be on “critical alert” due to the occupation of intensive care beds affected by COVID-19. A total of 24 – all but Amazonas and Roraima – limit their non-essential activities for 14 days.

Fiocruz has called for these measures to reduce transmission by 40 percent and has called for the mandatory use of masks in at least 80 percent of the population.

On the other hand, health care organizations and professionals have warned of the shortage of intubation drugs in various states in the past few days of the crisis. The most recent entry was the state of Sao Paulo, whose health ministry warned this Tuesday of the risk of a lack of the so-called “intubation kit” because the government did not send the supplies.

“Currently the state has an estimated one week inventory for public hospitals treating cases of COVID-19,” lamented the state of Sao Paulo, which caused around a thousand coronavirus deaths in the last day and has more than 12,000 people in intensive care units recorded, reports the local media G1.

For its part, the Ministry of Health has given assurances that it has started distributing more than 1.4 million units of intubation medication across the country.

Oxygen is another problem that affects those affected by COVID-19. According to the Ministry of Health, six states are in a critical situation due to the lack of this good, such as Acre, Rondonia, Mato Grosso, Amapá, Ceará and Rio Grande do Norte.

According to the media consortium analyzing the evolution of the pandemic, vaccination continues in the country with more than 17 million doses administered, with 12.7 million people receiving at least the first dose.

BOLSONARO calls for silence

In this context, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro made a statement on the national radio and television station in which he called on the Brazilian people to calm down and confirm that “vaccines are guaranteed”.

Although fewer doses than previously announced are expected to arrive in the country in April as the more than 57 million doses now forecast have been reduced to 47.3 million according to the Ministry of Health – it’s the sixth reduction – Bolsonaro has assured that ” by the end of the year more than 500 million doses will be reached to vaccinate the entire population “.

“We will be back to normal life very soon,” said the president, who said he had “intervened with manufacturer Pfizer to anticipate a hundred million doses to be delivered in September 2021” and to celebrate “the fifth country.” that more was vaccinated “.

The Brazilian president also said that “at no point has the government stopped taking important measures to combat both the coronavirus and the chaos in the economy that could lead to unemployment and hunger.”

Regarding vaccination, the Brazilian Senate this Tuesday approved a motion to appeal to the international community so that Brazil can receive more doses of the vaccine against COVID-19.

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