Brazil beats hospital coronavirus record

The Brazilian Ministry of Health in Sao Paulo reported this Saturday that 18,785 people are being hospitalized for COVID-19, a number breaking a record in the South American country.

According to the G1 Globo newspaper, in the first wave of the pandemic in Latin America, the maximum number of patients hospitalized in Sao Paulo was 15,289, but this number has been exceeded every day since last week.

Another case of the extreme health situation in the country is that on this Saturday in the Brazilian state of Porto Alegre the occupancy rate of the intensive care beds was 102.8 percent.

Brazil beats hospital coronavirus record
Brazil beats hospital coronavirus record

Likewise, the Brazilian Ministry of Health reported 69,609 new cases of coronavirus in the country this Saturday, bringing the total number of accumulated infections to 10,938,836.

Brazil has also regretted 1,555 more deaths from the pandemic, which has already killed 264,325 people.

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