Brave Browser reports that EU governments don’t protect privacy

April 27th Brave Browser lodged a complaint asking the European Commission to take action against EU governments that do not adequately protect their citizens.

A recent report created by the team Brave concludes that most EU Member States do not adequately staff those responsible for enforcing the General Data Protection Regulation. or GDPR:

“Only five of the 28 national GDPR enforcers in Europe have more than 10 technology specialists. Law enforcement officers in Europe are unable to investigate big tech.”

Brave Browser reports that EU governments don’t protect privacy
Brave Browser reports that EU governments don’t protect privacy

Source: Brave

Regulators cannot afford to fight for privacy

Also According to the report, law enforcement agencies do not have sufficient resourceswhat hesitates to initiate costly litigation against technology giants:

“Even if the crime is clear, the data protection authority [autoridades de protección de datos] They are reluctant to use their powers against the big technology companies because they cannot afford the costs of legal defense of their decisions against the legal powers of ‘big tech’. “

Source: Brave

Dr. Johnny Ryan, Braves Head of Policy and Sector Relations, complaint urged the European Commission to take action and, if necessary, refer the case to the Court of Justice of the European Communities:

“Brave urges the European Commission to open infringement proceedings against the governments of the European Member States and, if necessary, to refer them to the Court of Justice of the European Communities.”

In the complaint With the exception of Germany, which according to the report is the only country with the right staff and budget, all EU member states are listed. for your data protection authority.

Dr. Ryan told Cointelegraph that despite the economic crisis, he expects European governments to increase funds from your data protection authorities:

“I expect an increase in the budget, not only because the credibility of the GDPR is crucial for the EU.”

Fight against google

Was before Brave filed a complaint against Google with its main European regulatory authority, accusing him of violating Article 5 (1) (b) of the GDPR. It should be noted that Brave is based on the framework of Chromium, an open source project from Google. Dr. Ryan does not believe that Brave’s activism can cause the technology giant to backlash against him.

Perhaps part of this money could go to the data protection authorities with the massive stimulus packages.

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