Brave Browser offers iOS users a new level of security

July 27th Brave Software works with Guardian to provide iPhone and iPad users with a higher level of security and privacy.

This partnership will combine the data protection stack of the two companies: Brave’s privacy-oriented browser with Guardian’s VPN and firewall service. Brave Browser iOS users can activate Brave Firewall + VPN with a single click to protect the entire device from intrusive data protection trackers.

A screenshot of Brave's VPN + firewall

Brave Browser offers iOS users a new level of security
Brave Browser offers iOS users a new level of security

A screenshot of Brave’s VPN + firewall. Source: Brave.

Guardian is good for brave users

Brendan Eich, CEO of Brave, told Cointelegraph that he has been a Guardian VPN user for a long time, and now Brave makes it easy for users to discover this service:

“I have already paid for your firewall and am using it. But many users have not discovered With Brave we promote it, make it easier, the switch is available in the configuration. I think that’s good for Guardian. It’s good for brave users who haven’t bought a VPN. “

However, Brave users cannot subscribe to the Guardian VPN with basic attention tokens (BAT). Apple does not currently allow it.

Anti-encryption bills do not affect Brave

Eich talked about anti-encryption bills and said that even if the bill was passed, The authorities are unlikely to prosecute Brave. He believes law enforcement would pursue more valuable goals:

“If this leads to” You have to have a back door in your browser, your open source browser “, I would be very surprised because it really doesn’t work, and of course I think the goals with the highest value for them are through Three letter agencies are the operating systems on which the code always runs. We’re just an alternate browser. I don’t think we have any new quotes or national security letters yet. If we did, I couldn’t tell you because I’m dead would. “

Brave is not a “niche” product

Eich doesn’t see Brave as a “niche” product. He feels on the same growth path as Firefox, and the quest for privacy helps to overthrow Google’s dominance:

“”What we don’t consider a “niche”, every browser goes from zero to one and in our case is aimed at 16 million users every month. So this is not a niche, it is going through the same growth curve as Firefox in its day. [Hay] A growing wave of awareness is coming from this cohort of leading users and reporters who tell these stories, from antitrust authorities and others who are bringing Google to justice. “

Brave has recently been criticized by privacy activists who have announced an “anti-adware” iteration of the browser.

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