Bots, a key piece for the Mexican insurance industry in times of the pandemic

From bank statements to the reconciliation of the insurance portfolio, these are the processes that companies in Mexico were able to automate with the support of the Chilean developer Rocketbot.

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Bots, a key piece for the Mexican insurance industry in times of the pandemic
Bots, a key piece for the Mexican insurance industry in times of the pandemic

Until before COVID-19, the bot industry had made great strides due to the constant need for companies to mutate towards Industry 4.0. The spread of the pandemic, however, has accelerated this expansion of technological solutions that enable the continuity of operation of different sectors at the speed of light without having to violate the rules of social distance.

Undoubtedly, the pandemic bots have opened the doors as tools that enable procedures that could previously only be carried out person-to-person and manually, signatures, validations, delivery and information processing, now they are automated actions that can be performed easily , effectively and without endangering anyone.

As part of COVID-19, bots have not only gained in importance to provide help in the health sector and accelerate the flow of medical care, but have also gained ground in various areas. When the number of patients increases and mortality increases, insurance companies are more in demand than ever. The difficulty the virus has created is that, despite the increased workload, people are unable to go to work to respond to queries that are often manual in nature.

With this in mind, companies like Allianz, Brove Insurance Agent, Medicavial and SPV (Professional Roads Services) have chosen new allies: Bots. Responsible for the Chilean company presented in Mexico, RocketbotThe insurers were able to run various processes faster and more efficiently. “We do activities that companies do manually and we do them with robots,” said Rafael Fuentes Candia, Rocketbot’s co-founder and commercial director.

Rafael Fuentes Candia. Photo: Rocketbot

According to technology consultant Gartner, Rocketbot is the RPA platform with the best rating and perception among users and even surpasses companies that are world leaders in automation. The Chilean company is represented in 15 countries and produces a total of more than 1,500 robots in large companies. This will be crucial for the recovery of the economy after the pandemic.

How can bots help?

Rocketbot bots can perform activities such as downloading information from systems, generating reports, automatically generating emails, reconciling large amounts of information in a short time, and easily, efficiently, and economically uploading information to systems. “The bots can be safely used in central and peripheral processes to add tasks and companies to continue operating. In addition, employees are freed from repetitive activities,” said Candia.

These solutions can also work alone or automatically and can even form teams so that they can be brought together to automate complete processes. “Insurance companies in Mexico have seen how the use of bots has enabled them to meet the high demand that this health situation has created. Some of the processes we support are account statements, electronic receipt and validation, which Reconciling paid invoices, creating payment complements, loading payment complements into an insurer’s portal and automatically loading large amounts of information into central channels, reconciling the insurance portfolio and extracting reports, among other things, ”added Rocketbot’s co-founder.

The bots not only offer savings in times of manual and repetitive activities, but also savings in operating costs. Rocketbot is revolutionizing the insurance industry today, but is in talks with companies from different sectors of Mexico to help them digitally transform in the age of the pandemic.

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