Boris Johnson says that the “Brexit” must “calm down”


British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said Thursday that “the mood should calm down” after an intense session in Parliament during Wednesday and amid accusations against him for the language used.

In statements given to the British television network BBC, Johnson has indicated that “he deplores all threats against anyone, particularly parliamentarians.”

Boris Johnson says that the “Brexit” must “calm down”
Boris Johnson says that the “Brexit” must “calm down”

“The spirits must calm down and people need to unite because only by making Brexit come true, the boil over current anxiety is reduced and we can focus on the internal agenda,” he added, although he has refused to apologize for his words.

Wednesday's session was especially tense and there were exchanges of accusations about treason and abuse of power. Johnson repeatedly called the “surrender bill” an initiative to call for a further postponement of Brexit.

He also challenged the opposition leader, Jeremy Corbyn, to file a motion of censure, a measure that the Labor leader ruled out requesting until the government has asked Brussels to postpone Brexit.

“I think it is important that we speak in the House of Commons about the surrender project, the act of surrender, in the way I did it,” Johnson has settled in his statements to the BBC.

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