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Boris Johnson defends full compliance with the penalties for terrorism

November 30, 2019
Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson – Steve Parsons / PA Wire / dpa

LONDON, Nov. 30 (Reuters / EP) –

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has advocated this Saturday for full compliance with the sentences in cases of convictions for terrorism, coinciding with the attack on Friday at the London Bridge in which two people died.

“I think that resorting to automatic early release by releasing violent offenders who have not even served half the sentence is very serious,” Johnson said.

“It is simply not working and I fear you have excellent proof that it is not funcoinando in this case,” said the British president.

The attacker, identified as Usman Khan, wore a fake explosive vest when the attack began during a conference on criminal reinsertion and then moved to the iconic London Bridge.

Khan was convicted of terrorism-related crimes in 2012, he confirmed in a statement Saturday Scotland Yard's chief anti-terrorist, Neil Basu, while ensuring that a “key” line of the investigation is to establish how he carried out the attack.

Specifically, Khan pleaded guilty, along with eight other men, to conspiring to bomb the London Stock Exchange, Big Ben and Westminster Abbey in 2010 inspired by Al Qaeda, and possessed a handwritten list with names and addresses of other potential targets, including British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, mayor of the city at that time, as detailed by 'The Guardian'.