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Border crossing fills as caravan of migrants arrives

April 29, 2018

Earlier, the migrants gathered at a wall in Tijuana for an emotional meeting with a few hundred supporters in San Diego’s Friendship Park. The two groups couldn’t come entirely face to face, but thet chanted back and forth to one another, separated by about 100 feet.

“We are immigrants. We are not criminals,” some of the migrants chanted. “We are the hope of Latin America.” Some climbed the fence, straddling the border to get a look at their supporters in the United States.

On the California side, demonstrators chanted: “We are all Latin American. Together, we are the dream of the future.” Many held signs, and a kite reading “refugees welcome here” was flown over the border.

Border crossing fills as caravan of migrants arrivesBorder crossing fills as caravan of migrants arrives

At one point, four couples traveling with the caravan paused in Tijuana for a brief marriage ceremony officiated by Emma Lozano, of Chicago’s Lincoln United Methodist Church, NBC San Diego reported.

Video from the ceremony showed young couples clutching bouquets of flowers and exchanging rings as camera shutters clicked and the crowd whooped and clapped.

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