Bolsonaro is promising vaccines for “all Brazilians” this year while the population protests against his government

The President of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, promised vaccines for “all Brazilians” this year in a television commercial this Wednesday, while the population continued protests against state management of the pandemic and responded to the agent’s announcement with casseroles.

“This year all Brazilians who wish to be vaccinated will be vaccinated,” Bolsonaro said in his speech, although one of the main criticisms of his management was the delays in negotiations for the acquisition of vaccines and the lack of supplies for their production. .

With 69.6 million doses administered, according to the media consortium analyzing the pandemic, the president has celebrated Brazil being the “fourth country with the most vaccines in the world,” although it is also the fourth with the largest number of people, who did not receive a vaccine, while only 22 percent of the population received the first dose of the vaccine and more than 10 percent received the full schedule, including G1.

Bolsonaro is promising vaccines for “all Brazilians” this year while the population protests against his government
Bolsonaro is promising vaccines for “all Brazilians” this year while the population protests against his government

Bolsonaro, on the other hand, laments the deaths from the pandemic despite again rejecting measures imposed by governors and mayors to curb infections and mortality.

The president has claimed that his government “has not forced anyone to stay home, closed any shops, churches or schools, and has left millions of informal workers without their livelihoods,” according to the Brazilian media company UOL.

In this way he has defended the position of the executive, among other things with measures such as emergency aid or lending to small businesses.

“The GDP forecast for this year envisages economic growth of more than 4 percent. The economy only showed its strength in the first quarter of this year and is one of the countries in the world that has grown the most,” praised Bolsonaro, who also has because the country is hosting the Copa America this year after Argentina and Colombia abandoned their celebrations due to the severity of the pandemic.

Seven of the eleven members of the Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry (CPI) into the Bolsonaro government’s handling of the pandemic have claimed the president’s speech was due to “social pressure” and “work” from the same commission.

And the fact is that during the president’s intervention, cacerolazos and protests were reported across much of the country after thousands of people took to the streets on Saturday to ask for vaccines and help in the face of the grave situation of the pandemic.

For the ICC senators, the president’s “bowing” comes late after 423 days since he called the coronavirus a “minor flu”, a delay they called “untenable”.

“The speech must translate into the adoption of (Institute) Butantane and Pfizer vaccines in the middle of last year, when the government stopped buying 130 million doses, enough for half the Brazilian population. A decision was made to disqualify vaccines, sabotage . ” Science, stimulate crowds, conspire against isolation, and prescribe ineffective drugs for COVID-19, “CPI members lamented in a statement collected by G1.

While the president decided to promote and guarantee vaccination through his speech, the Brazilian Ministry of Health reported 95,601 cases this Wednesday recorded on the last day, the highest number of new positive cases since March when the country had the highest numbers of infections reached.

That brings the country to 16,720,081 cases, while the last balance of the health portfolio also left 2,507 more deaths from COVID-19 for a total of 467,706 cumulative deaths.

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