Bolsonaro dismisses as a “clown” the report accusing him of the crimes in dealing with the pandemic

The President of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, this Wednesday called the report prepared by the Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry (CPI) on the management of the pandemic in Brazil, in which he is accused of a total of nine crimes, a “clown”, including crimes against humanity .

“Anyone with a bit of judgment knows it was a clown,” criticized the Brazilian president in an interview with Young Pam News, in which he questioned whether the ICC approved this document “in order to seek revenge “.

Bolsonaro dismisses as a “clown” the report accusing him of the crimes in dealing with the pandemic
Bolsonaro dismisses as a “clown” the report accusing him of the crimes in dealing with the pandemic

“What has this ICC done for the benefit of Brazil?” Added the President also to attack the ICC senators who have nothing to do with its government and make them ugly, “why they didn’t go to the Ministry of Health” or to “in 2020” instead of “staying at home on vacation”, the Brazilian media world is picking up on ‘Globo’.

He has also stated that the ICC is wreaking “havoc” on the country because “outside” the “image of Brazil” is “terrible” while at the same time it is seen as a “victim” of the situation.

This is how Bolsonaro reacted after learning of the approval of the ICC report drawn up in the Brazilian Senate, which charged a total of 78 people, including the president, and two companies, with various crimes that occurred during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Specifically, the document calls on these organizations to identify nine crimes related to the pandemic, the commission of an epidemic crime resulting in death, breach of preventive health measures, quackery, excuses, irregular use of public funds, incitement to crime, forgery of private documents, criminal liability and crimes against the Bolsonaro Humanity – judged by the International Criminal Court (ICC) -.

The report was sent to the country’s judiciary, the Supreme Court and the Brazilian Public Prosecutor’s Office, but also to the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague so that the applications can be examined.

In fact, some ICC senators went to the headquarters of the country’s attorney general in the city of Brasilia to deliver the report to attorney general Augusto Aras.

“This ICC has already produced results. We have complaints, criminal proceedings, rejected authorities and many ongoing investigations and with this new information we can now advance the investigation into the authorities responsible before higher courts. ”Applauded after receiving the document to pick up the Brazilian portal G1.

Prosecutors will have to decide whether to file the indictment, request for the report, open an investigation, or file a complaint, but the actions Bolsonaro-appointed Aras will take are being questioned.

The report also claims to call for the resignation of the social media president due to his “relevant role” in spreading false news about the pandemic, a request that Supreme Court Justice Alexandre Moraes asked to discuss this Wednesday, according to UOL Has.

Moraes has asked prosecutors to act on this request, which was included in the report in response to a directive the president issued last Thursday linking the vaccine against COVID-19 to the development of AIDS.

On the other hand, the chairman of the Brazilian Chamber of Deputies, Arthur Lira, has rejected the ICC report because he considers it “unacceptable” that the charges against the deputies of the chambers were proposed when the commission was “for the purpose of investigating the acts and “Failures of the federal government in the fight against the pandemic”.

“For me as President of the Chamber of Deputies and as a Brazilian citizen, it is a cause of great indignation,” he complained, insisting that the Calheiros document “does not make a value judgment” on what was being discussed, and I vote in favor CPI.

Lira recalled that the MPs had parliamentary immunity and stressed that the ICC “violates fundamental principles, rights and guarantees” with their allegations.

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