Bolsonaro continues to create internal crises in his search for a party that will welcome him in the 2022 elections

A little over a year before the 2022 presidential election, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro is rushing to bring about a political formation that will finally open the doors for him, although this has already created quite a few internal divisions in some countries – the newest in the far-right Brazilian Labor Party (PTB).

After one sector of the Patriota described an attempt by another sector of the party to involve the Brazilian president in June, this time the incumbent chairman of the PTB, Graciela Nienov, made it clear that the latest approach by Bolsonaro and his circle without his approval.

Bolsonaro continues to create internal crises in his search for a party that will welcome him in the 2022 elections
Bolsonaro continues to create internal crises in his search for a party that will welcome him in the 2022 elections

Last week, the Senator from Patriota and son of the Brazilian President Flávio Bolsonaro met with the businessman Otávio Fakhoury, one of the chairmen of the PTB in Sao Paulo.

“This meeting was not a matter for the PTB. I did not know it,” said Nienov, who “wanted to make it clear” that Fakhoury “does not speak for the party”. However, he has made it clear that he has no attachment to the position and acknowledges that the Bolsonaro are “very much loved” in the party. “You will all be welcome,” he said.

Nienov only took office a month ago after party leader Roberto Jefferson was arrested for “attacking democracy” and threatening the Supreme Court. During the meeting, Flávio Bolsonaro demanded that this combat readiness cease at a time when his father, among the polls, was forced to withdraw into the institutions of the state in his inflammatory speeches.

The eldest of Bolsonaro’s sons announced that it was “fundamental” for his father, beyond his own intentions, to be able to appoint his confidants for offices in the Senate and in state governments, especially in those in the northeast, where the former president was Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva has greater electoral support.

The rest of the leaders of other parties who at some point negotiated with the Bolsonaro affirm that they are demanding control of the command post. In the case of the PTB, the Brazilian President would take over the leadership of the formation as long as Jefferson remains in prison, says the newspaper ‘O Globo’.

The PTB is not the only formation that is shaken internally by the possibility of the President of Brazil. A few months ago, Patriota Vice President Ovasco Resende made it clear that his arrival did not meet the consensus of all and warned that his candidacy was not guaranteed under these acronyms.

The split within Patriota has worsened somewhat after Flávio Bolsonaro’s membership, which was challenged by the Resende current in the Supreme Electoral Court (TSE) over possible irregularities of party president Adilson Barroso.

There is no shortage of suitors, however; the president of the likewise very conservative Progresistas and Bolsonaros chief of staff, Ciro Nogueira, has already opened the doors to the party, although Flávio has already warned that “some adjustments to the directive” will be necessary. “

As he waits for it to be decided, the next game Bolsonaro ends in would be the tenth formation in their three decades in Brazilian politics. The last of them was the Social Liberal Party (PSL), whose ranks he left a year after the 2018 election victory.

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