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Bolsonaro authorizes the sending of military personnel to three states of the Amazon to fight fires

August 24, 2019


The president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, has authorized this Saturday the sending of the Armed Forces to the state of Tocantins to connect the fires of the Amazon and joins the other two states that already authorized the sending of troops on Friday, Rondonia and Roraima

The presidential decree published in the Official Gazette of the Union includes a Law and Order Guarantee (GLO) operation whereby the military may participate in “preventive and repressive actions against environmental crimes”.

This authorization is conditional on the formal request of each of the state governments Acre and Pará. They are also part of the Amazon region Amapá, Amazonas and part of the states of Mato Grosso and Maranhão.

In addition, Bolsonaro has posted on his Twitter account a video in which the general of the reserve Eduardo Villas Bôas – commander of the Army and commander in the Amazon – denounces a “deficit of sovereignty” in the Amazon. “No European country has the authority to teach us how to treat our environment,” he said in response to calls from international leaders to curb deforestation.

Bolsonaro has pointed out that the words of Villas Bôas point to “real international interest in the Amazon” while “it hurts to see Brazilians exaggerating a campaign built against our sovereignty.”

In the same vein, Defense Minister Fernando Azevedo has assured that the United States has not provided Brazil with any concrete support in the fight against fire beyond the words of President Donald Trump offering help in a telephone conversation with Bolsonaro.