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Bolsonaro accuses Macron of wanting to become the “only defender of the environment”

August 28, 2019


The president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, has again criticized his French counterpart, Emmanuel Macron, on Wednesday, accusing him of wanting to become the “only defender of the environment” in the world in relation to the fires that ravage the Amazon.

“In my view, there was a use by President Macron to capitalize on the world as the only person interested in defending the environment,” Bolsonaro said in press statements with Chilean President Sebastián Piñera.

“That flag is not yours, it is ours, it is from Chile, it is from many countries of the world,” said the Brazilian president, for whom the position defended by Macron in recent days, and particularly during the G7 summit, won force because the French president is “from the left” and he is “from the center-right”, according to the newspaper 'O Globo'.

According to Bolsonaro, Macron's attitude has caused a “patriotic feeling” in the Amazon countries, which met on September 6 in the town of Leticia, in Colombia, to discuss a common policy to preserve the Amazon rainforest. The Venezuelan president, Nicolás Maduro, will not be invited.

The Brazilian president has also referred to the 20 million dollar assistance offered by the G7. “It seems that 20 million dollars is our price” but “Brazil has no price,” he said. Thus, he has repeated again that Brazil is willing to accept any bilateral aid but in regard to the one announced by Macron on behalf of the G7, he has insisted that he should apologize after calling him a “liar”, according to him.

On the other hand, the agency Brazil has reported that the Minister of the Environment, Ricardo Salles, has been admitted since Tuesday night at the Hospital of the Armed Forces in Brasilia after presenting a “malaise.” According to the medical part, his condition has improved during the night and is stable, without it being clear at the moment what health problem it presents.