Bolivia uses a 747 to quell the fire in the Amazon

Boeing 747 plane used to quell the fire in the Bolivian Amazon – ABI


Bolivian authorities have mobilized a Boeing 747 enabled to transport water and help quell the fire that affects Chiquitania in the Bolivian Amazon. The fire has already devastated more than 750,000 hectares in Bolivia.

Bolivia uses a 747 to quell the fire in the Amazon
Bolivia uses a 747 to quell the fire in the Amazon

The Bolivian president, Evo Morales, thanked the efforts to quell the flames and highlighted in particular the contribution of the firefighter plane, which has already made the first discharge, of about 75,000 liters.

“The 'supertanker' and our helicopters work to quell the fire. I appreciate the efforts of so many compatriots, men and women, who work on this hard task. We face this battle against fire together,” Morales said through his account at Twitter

The apparatus “reinforced the effectiveness of the heroic work” of pilots, uniforms and volunteers fighting the fire in Chiquitania. The first discharge in the Taperas mountain range was successful and it is expected that this Saturday will make between three and four downloads in the regions of Roboré, Chochis, Quitunuquiña, Tucabaca, San Juan del Mutún and Yacuses.

The Minister of the Presidency, Juan Ramón Quintana, has also highlighted the “very successful” incursions of the plane, which has managed to discharge “with an admirable feat” the water between a plateau and the other of the Taperas region.

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