Bolivia insists that Foreign was not aware of a diplomat’s visit to the Mexican ambassador

That is how Robles would have transferred it to the Bolivian Foreign Minister in a telephone conversation


The Bolivian Foreign Minister, Karen Longaric, insisted on Wednesday that in the department that Margarita Robles is acting on an interim basis, they were not aware of the visit made last Friday by the Spanish business manager to the Mexican ambassador to La Paz and that therefore the Spanish diplomats acted “informally.”

In an interview with ERBOL, Longaric assured that he had a long conversation about the events with Robles, current Spanish Foreign Minister, who would have assured him that his department was not aware of the visit.

Bolivia insists that Foreign was not aware of a diplomat’s visit to the Mexican ambassador
Bolivia insists that Foreign was not aware of a diplomat’s visit to the Mexican ambassador

Bolivia proceeded on Monday to declare non grata people to the Mexican ambassador to La Paz, María Teresa Mercado, as well as to the charge of business of Spain in Bolivia, Cristina Borreguero, and the consul of Spain in Bolivia, Álvaro Fernández, in response to the incident recorded on Friday, when according to the Bolivian government, Spanish diplomats arrived at the Mexican residence accompanied by hooded and “allegedly armed” men.

Longaric has argued that the “official information” offered by the Spanish Government is that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was “absolutely foreign” and “ignored all the events of that day and the participation of its officials.”

“In that sense, with greater reason, the Bolivian Ministry of Foreign Affairs chose to declare people because they are people who informally participated in the facts contrary to the International Law and the internal law of Bolivia,” said the Bolivian minister.

Also, Longaric stressed that as the investigation progresses there are more indications that what happened on Friday was not a simple protocol visit, but something much more serious.

From the Government of the interim president, Jeanine Áñez, the fear has been expressed that the purpose of the visit was to remove from the Mexican residence some of the senior officials of the Government of Evo Morales who took refuge there after the resignation of the mandatory on October 10.

In this regard, the chancellor has said that she is obliged to believe what Robles has transferred to her, who she said has assured her that Exteriors did not know the actions of her diplomats in Bolivia. “He assured me that the Spanish Foreign Ministry was absolutely unaware of these facts,” he insisted.

“They found out hours later, especially the chancellor of Spain. She confirmed this issue to me and also indicated that she deeply regretted what happened,” added Longaric, who has considered that proof of this is that Exteriors has decided to send a person To investigate what happened.

From the Spanish Government, it was initially indicated that the business manager had made a “courtesy visit” to the Mexican ambassador and made sure that the objective of the same was not to help leave the old high-ranking refugee positions in the residence.

However, the Spanish Executive proceeded to expel three Bolivian representatives at his Embassy in Madrid as a measure of reprisal for the expulsion of the two Spanish diplomats in La Paz, which he described as “hostile gesture.”

Longaric's words come after the Bolivian government has announced the sending of a “high representative” to its embassy in Spain.

“Bolivia wishes to overcome this impasse as soon as possible and maintain close relations with the Kingdom of Spain, within the framework of traditional respect and friendship that have always characterized them. For this purpose, the Constitutional Government of Bolivia will accredit at the Embassy of Bolivia in Madrid to a high diplomatic representative, “the Bolivian Ministry of Foreign Affairs reported in an official note.

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