Bolivia appoints Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs Gualberto Rodríguez new business manager in Spain

La ministra de Asuntos Exteriores de Bolivia, Karen Longaric

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Bolivia, Karen Longaric – ABI

The foreign minister will meet with the EU ambassadors in Bolivia to explain what happened


The current Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs of Bolivia Gualberto Rodríguez has been appointed as the new business manager in Spain with the specific mandate of “restoring and strengthening bilateral relations” after the diplomatic crisis unleashed by the incident at the Mexican Embassy in La Paz, as reported Foreign Minister Karen Longaric to the Bolivian newspaper 'La Razón'.

Bolivia appoints Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs Gualberto Rodríguez new business manager in Spain
Bolivia appoints Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs Gualberto Rodríguez new business manager in Spain

The head of Bolivian diplomacy has explained that Rodriguez's appointment was made last Tuesday, although he will not travel to Madrid until completing the paperwork, in about ten days.

“We want to have a representation of the highest level in Spain, able to talk with the Spanish Government, to make known what the objectives of the Bolivian Government are in a clear and direct way,” explained Longaric.

The Bolivian Foreign Minister has stressed that the designation of her so far 'number two' “is a message of Bolivia's interest in strengthening diplomatic relations with Spain.”

The Government of Jeanine Áñez already advanced on Wednesday that would accredit “a high diplomatic representative” at its Embassy in Madrid to “overcome this 'impasse' as soon as possible and maintain close relations with the Kingdom of Spain, within the framework of traditional respect and the friendship that has always characterized them. ”

Spain expelled three diplomats from the Bolivian Embassy, ​​including the one in charge of business, in reciprocity, after Bolivia declared the person in charge of business and the consul of Spain in La Paz, Cristina Borreguero and Álvaro Fernández, as well as a person the Mexican ambassador, María Teresa Mercado.

According to the Government of Áñez, Spanish diplomats arrived on December 27 at the Mexican residence accompanied by hooded and “allegedly armed” men.

The Bolivian authorities consider that their intention was to help the asylum politicians leave the Mexican Embassy, ​​all former collaborators former President Evo Morales.

Mexico has denounced in recent weeks a “harassment” by Bolivian security forces to its Embassy and Residence in La Paz due to the refusal of the Government of Andrés Manuel López Obrador to hand over to the new authorities to the asylees who have orders to detention against him.

The López Obrador Executive has gone to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) to demand that Bolivia comply with the Vienna Convention, which establishes the inviolability of diplomatic headquarters, and the right of asylum recognized by Latin American countries.

Longaric has advanced to 'La Razón' that this Thursday will meet with the ambassadors of the countries of the European Union in Bolivia to explain what happened last Friday and the expulsion of Spanish diplomats.

“The ambassadors will talk about the facts, the circumstances and the multiple evidences – which have been recognized – that lead to the determination that Bolivian and international internal norms have not been met in this unfortunate visit that the Spanish diplomats made to the Embassy of Mexico, “he said.

In addition, Longaric has indicated that they will transfer the interest of the Bolivian Government to “redirect” relations with the EU, pacify the country and hold a new presidential election. “We don't want anything to disturb those purposes,” he stressed.

On Tuesday, the EU Delegation in Bolivia expressed “its deep concern over the escalation of diplomatic tension” between Bolivia and Spain, adding that “I would appreciate receiving an explanation from the interim Government of Bolivia as soon as possible.”

The Government Minister, Arturo Murillo, met on Tuesday with the ambassadors of Germany, France and Denmark in La Paz to transfer the Bolivian version of the diplomatic incident with Spain.

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