Boca Juniors, one of the most famous football clubs in Latin America, wants to issue its own token

It became known that one of the football giants in Latin America, Boca Juniors, intends to venture further into the cryptographic world and analyze the proposal to create a fan token for the club that is going through due to a delicate financial situation.

The group of who trades and sells sports tokens to more than 50 teams, would be the architect behind this possible issue, with which the club wants to access at least about 10 million US dollars in the first year of the contract.

Not just with the intention of doing what you’re looking for it is the construction of a fan token that has been used in other soccer teams and even in other disciplines. The possibility of having a fan token should not be neglected because, in short, these tokens serve as a means of governance within the selected ecosystem.

Boca Juniors, one of the most famous football clubs in Latin America, wants to issue its own token
Boca Juniors, one of the most famous football clubs in Latin America, wants to issue its own token

Simple things like the choice of music that is played when shooting on goal or the type of bracelet the captain wears in games are small examples of governance that were not considered before.

Alexandre Dreyfus, founder and CEO of iProUP, speaks to the local media, one of the companies behind these digital assets, explains: “One of these is the ability to participate in organization decisions through polls that clubs launch through the app. In just two years we have seen the fans make decisions that they never had before, such as the design of the captain’s armband, the song that rings out in the stadium to celebrate the goal, the team clothing for the next season and up to the starting XI for a friendly game “, explains the specialist.

In addition, the tokens would be part of a discount incentive that is currently only used by club members. The issue of the token enables quick and easy financing for the club and at the same time enables an even stronger network of fans with the team as well as discounts at events, stores and much more

The proposal to issue these tokens to this soccer team not only comes, on the contrary, it was also possible to know that Decentral Games has offered to recreate the clubhouse stadium in a metaverse, which is a huge leap for the club in terms of cryptography.

It is worth remembering that it was recently announced that Decentral Games has sponsored the creation of the Amnesia Club in Ibiza, which will be launched on October 9th with free entry to the Decentraland metaverse, as we reported in this medium.

NFT content

The intrusion of the club is nothing new, as early as May this year, the Boca Juniors Athletic Club announced the introduction of its trading cards anchored in the Ethereum network via the social network Twitter.

Club cards are available in the Sorare Soccer Game, which features unique and collectable decks from more than 150 teams from different leagues around the world. In this way, the Boca Club had already ventured into cryptographic matters before the possible issuance of the token under development.

NFT content is an integral part of cryptographic ecosystems today. The decentralized funding backed by these non-fungible tokens allows for better anticipation of the project’s goals. In this case, both the tokens and the Sorare cards related to the club can be exchanged for real and tangible money, creating a financial ecosystem around these elements.

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