Bobby Lee is betting that the price of Bitcoin will exceed $ 40,000 in 2021

According to Bobby Lee’s forecast, the price of Bitcoin (BTC) could exceed USD 40,000 by 2021. The publication in Twitter The expert compares the medium-term growth of the cryptocurrency with the Cybertruck, a vehicle developed by Elon Musk.

Bobby Lee predicts that Bitcoin’s price will match the market value of Cybertruck, the bulletproof electric van from Tesla.

For the cryptocurrency specialist Bitcoin’s price is expected to rise more than 300% by the end of next year, surpassing the $ 39,990 mark in the market.

Bobby Lee is betting that the price of Bitcoin will exceed $ 40,000 in 2021
Bobby Lee is betting that the price of Bitcoin will exceed $ 40,000 in 2021

Bobby Lee also promises a free cyber truck unit, which will be available on the market in 2021 and will be raffled off among fans of the Twitter specialist.

Bitcoin is forecast to grow by more than 300%

Bobby Lee released a strange forecast for the price of Bitcoin in connection with the electric van developed by Elon Musk. According to the founder and CEO of Ballet Crypto, Bitcoin’s price will reach the value of a cyber truck.

The analyst offers a unit of the vehicle for free, which is raffled off among followers on Twitter. but only if the price of Bitcoin exceeds $ 39,990 in the market in 2021.

Lee will be able to buy a “just 1 bitcoin” cyber truck unit in the future.

The executive also mentions Elon Musk in the post, who is talking about a medium-term valuation of the cryptocurrency.

Bobby Lee also asks his followers to share the message to confirm participation in the raffle for a cyber truck that will be delivered in 2021.

“If the price of Bitcoin exceeds $ 39,900 by the end of 2021, I’ll give this cybertruck a happy person like and RT.”

A Cybertruck costs one BTC unit

Bobby Lee’s forecast includes a forecast for Bitcoin’s growth for the coming year that illustrates the purchasing power of the cryptocurrency in the near future.

As the expert says It will be possible to buy a cyber truck in 2021 with a Bitcoin (BTC) unit.

“I’m looking forward to the Cybertruck next year! Until then, I’m assuming you can buy it with just one Bitcoin.”

Lee predicts that the Bitcoin price for the Cybertruck will be four times cheaper than the amount charged to order a unit of the car in 2020 and is worth $ 39,990 for the simplest versions of the car.

Given the current Bitcoin price on Tuesday (2) of around $ 9,510, more than 4.2 BTC units would be required to order a cyber truck from Tesla today.

While Bobby Lee is betting that the price of Bitcoin could exceed $ 39,990 by 2021, another expert forecast is expecting a much higher price for the cryptocurrency in the long run.

Ballet Crypto’s CEO published a forecast in November 2019 that the price of Bitcoin could be worth $ 500,000 by 2028. As Cointelegraph reported, the expert is also betting that the cryptocurrency will replace gold in the coming years.

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