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Blockstream’s founder, Adam Back, meets all the requirements to be Satoshi Nakamoto

May 27, 2020

In a recent interview with Cointelgraph, co-founder of Ethereum and Cardano founder Charles Hoskinon said he believed Adam Back “met all requirements” as a candidate for Satoshi Nakamoto.

The mystery of Satoshi’s true identity never seems to age, although Hoskinson admits that he doesn’t have solid evidence linking Blockstream’s founder to the pseudonym Bitcoin creator. He made a mental profile of Satoshi, Back, it seems to fit perfectly.

Hoskinson believes that Satoshi was someone who lived in Western Europe or on the U.S. coast, was familiar with British English, and had experience with distributed systems and crypto:

“And then, considering some of the quirks of the Bitcoin code, such as using Fourth as the basis for the Bitcoin scripting language, this suggests an English or Western European education because that’s exactly what textbooks were made in the 80s and 90s, so when you start putting all of this together, as well as an intimate familiarity with the Cypherpunk movement, The One Who Had Contemporary with Hal Finney, Contemporary with people like David Chaum among others, and being aware of their work. “

Back continued working from Hashcash to Bitcoin

Blockstream’s founder, Adam Back, meets all the requirements to be Satoshi NakamotoBlockstream’s founder, Adam Back, meets all the requirements to be Satoshi Nakamoto

And, according to Hoskinson, Back is one of the few people who meet these conditions. Back has provided Microsoft with proof of working with hashcash and he also had the knowledge to create a secure alias like “Satoshi Nakamoto”:

“These are just great examples of what you would expect from the inventor of a proto-system that is almost like Bitcoin to continue this research. The other thing is that Back is a crypto expert and has a lot of experience in data protection, say OK, who would have enough operational security knowledge to create an alias that is very secure and able to defend itself? That would be Back. Back was a friend of Hal Finney’s, they had known each other for a long time. The second person who entered the scope of Bitcoin “.

Hoskinson’s assessment differs significantly from that of blockchain co-inventor Scott Stornetta. Stornetta believes that some people have had the ability to create Bitcoin.

Some prophetic decisions in Bitcoin

Hoskinson also noted some discrepancies in Back’s account of his relationship with Satoshi:

“There were some changing stories there. First he said he ignored Satoshi, and then he probably had some emails with him, like, OK, is it important again? No … If it’s Adam Back, I think in his deathbed it will make the world known. “

In addition, Hoskinson said that some of Satoshi’s decisions in Bitcoin (BTC) design were way ahead of the trend:

“There were some extremely clairvoyant system-level parameter decisions that only became known after a thorough academic review, such as the goal of difficulty adjustment that was above a theoretical threshold.”

Satoshi has some unfinished business on Blockstream

Hoskinson further postulates that the creator of Bitcoin was very familiar with hash cash and that Satoshi’s decisions were brilliant:

“The choice of elliptic curve was also very strange. Secp256r1 was not a standard curve at the time of Bitcoin’s release, but it turned out to be a very good curve choice and a curve that was based on very solid ones Foundations were built The least you had to understand a lot about crypto with elliptic curves to know that this would be a reasonable option. “

The proof-of-work design would indicate that this person had long considered proof-of-work as a concept. Therefore, she had to be familiar with hashcash as a mechanism. Hoskinson also believes it would make sense for Satoshi to work for a company like Blockstream because Blockstream appears to be trying to fix some of the problems with the original Bitcoin code:

“What is really strange is that there seem to have been some attempts by Blockstream to fix the damage to Bitcoin’s scripting language as an issue at stake. In fact, there was a document called Simplicity that they wrote that they actually check and When I try to redesign the Bitcoin script better, it feels like, of course, if I were the creator of the system, I would go back and try to fix it later. “

At the same time, Hoskinson still believes that the only way to prove Adam Back is Satoshi using code stylometry, which compares the code Back wrote before Bitcoin.

Fortunately, much of Back’s previous code is available to potential crypto-detectives.