Blockstack PBC changes its name to “Hiro Systems PBC”

Blockchain software company Blockstack PBC announced that it will change its name to “Hiro Systems PBC”.

Muneeb Ali, Blockstack co-founder and CEO, Cointelegraph told that The team plans to focus on narrower priorities after the release of Corenet 2.0. Something that they believe has the potential to unlock an “immense amount of value and opportunity”:

“We will focus on creating tools for developers who create applications and smart contracts on Bitcoin. This is possible because the ecosystem has matured around stacks (…). As important functions are performed by other organizations, PBC becomes no longer running You have to spend most of your time expanding the ecosystem or public infrastructure (blockchain). “

In one previous interview, Ali said the best way to get a custom internet “It’s about anchoring applications and smart contracts in the Bitcoin network in such a way that Bitcoin is used as a reserve currency and its powerful blockchain as a security mechanism.”

Blockstack PBC changes its name to “Hiro Systems PBC”
Blockstack PBC changes its name to “Hiro Systems PBC”

In June, Algorand and Blockstack have started a joint open source project to support the development of an intelligent contract language called “Clarity”. Both companies claimed that existing smart contract languages ​​were not secure or predictable enough to meet the growing demands of emerging industries.

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