Blockchain project for charging electric vehicles as part of the MOVES program

Place to Plug Nexus is the ecological project best recognized in the edition of the MOVES program for its proposal on the interoperability of the proposed ecosystem through blockchain technology, as reported by the digital medium BlockchainServices.

The blockchain-based Tarragona platform to democratize interoperability between freight networks, The goal is to avoid the user having to dozens of top up cards, apps, accounts and registrations for the top up points.

With € 60,000 in prize money to facilitate its implementation, the Ministry of Ecological Change and Demographic Challenge program in its first edition recognized the value of the proposed sustainable mobility proposal.

Blockchain project for charging electric vehicles as part of the MOVES program
Blockchain project for charging electric vehicles as part of the MOVES program

Place to Plug is a platform to connect electric vehicle drivers and hosts, be they individuals, companies or institutions, providing a connection point for charging, promoting their hosting and creating a circular economy.

The platform is available via smartphones using the Android and iOS mobile operating systems, which can be used to locate and manage the charging stations available for electric vehicles.

With the blockchain technology, the platform wants to get the various parties to “talk” to one another like a P2P system, which enables small transactions to be decentralized. This enables the creation of the transparency and confidence required to run the charging stations and use them by interested parties.

Through the interoperability of the blockchain, Place to Plug enables the entire ecosystem for sustainable mobility to be connected and, via its platform, creates a communication bridge between supply networks and charging stations, service platforms and end users.

The environmentally friendly proposal seeks to use the market for the commercialization of energy for the electric vehicle sector and to enable decentralized peer-to-peer trading through blockchain technology.

With a fast growing sector and promising forecast figures for the future, the Place to Plug platform seeks to capture at this earliest stage such solutions that are already being found in the energy sector at industrial and domestic levels in some parts of Europe.

MOVES program

In Spain, the first call for proposals for the MOVES program was held as part of the Mobility Week, which involved 25 projects. 13 on innovations in electromobility and 12 on mobility measures in urban environments with an endowment of 15 million euros.

The projects were assessed by a technical evaluation committee made up of representatives from the Ministry for Environmental Change and Demographic Challenge and IDAE, the governing body of the MOVES program.

A total of 107 proposals were accepted and 25 ultimately selected. Of these, the Place to Plug proposal received the highest rating for its development.

Taking into account the fact that two of the fears of purchasing an electric vehicle are losing autonomy and not being able to find where to charge, the project aims to remove these barriers by creating a new product based on interoperability without friction between Operators of charging stations and targeted drivers of electric vehicles.

It is worth noting that there were four proposals with a compensation of more than one million euros, which highlighted the project for efficient, sustainable and safe mobility in Santa Cruz de Tenerife for an amount of 2.8 million euros.

The project includes 07 measures to reduce energy consumption in the field of mobility, to promote sustainable mobility and to reduce road risks in the city.

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