Blockchain project COLMENA among the winners of the Naves Misiones Contest

The Proposal for Efficient Solid Waste Disposal Using Blockchain Technology –The COLMENA- project achieved a new success in Argentina by being among the five winners of the Naves competition sponsored by Banco Macro.

According to the official results of the jury responsible for the final judgment The proposal to provide a concrete solution to the waste problem within a circular economy through retaliation with cryptocurrencies and the use of blockchain for efficient management was selected in the province of Misiones as one of the following five winning projects of the national competition.

Beehive project next to Safe point, an information app for customers and users on the safety and hygiene level of shops, companies, restaurants, hotels on the application of health protocols in the middle and after the pandemic Roots Puerto Bemberg, the proposal that combines sustainable hotels in the jungle, WPC, a proposal to create value by combining wood and plastic and to contribute from the low environmental impact to design, equipment and construction BiTechnologies, As a cooperative of young designers and technological developers, they are the province’s representatives who will continue to compete with other entrepreneurs in the country in the final stage of the competition.

Blockchain project COLMENA among the winners of the Naves Misiones Contest
Blockchain project COLMENA among the winners of the Naves Misiones Contest

The five winners of the Misiones chapter were announced by the provincial Banco Macro regional manager Miguel Ayala. They are the result of a national competition held simultaneously and virtually in 9 locations: Misiones, Jujuy, Tucumán, Mendoza, Santa Fe, Córdoba, Neuquén, Salta and the Province of Buenos Aires.

It is worth noting that Colmena’s proposal was selected along with the other winners within a universe of 109 entrepreneurial projects presented only in Misiones, of which they were winners in the final round of 31 selected projects.

In this regard, IAE Business School representative Silvia Torres Carbonel told the local Economis newspaper that “All are winners, the five are selected for their focus on the environment, disruptive technology, tourism and the environment”,

The winners selected from each province must complete their education under the Naves Nacional competition, which recognizes the three best graduation projects of the three arranged categories in the final competition to select the winners of a scholarship and an international training tour funded by Banco Macro and Israel Hours of training at the IAE Business School.

NAVES Federal is the training, mentoring and networking program that Banco Macro de Argentina, together with IAE Business School, has run in the South American country for 6 years in a row to empower entrepreneurs and SMEs who want to perfect their business model and be innovative in their management, as can be read on the official website of the competition.

The event includes three participating categories: Business Idea, Nascent Company and New Company Project in Progress, which showcase work on a variety of topics including sectors such as services, health, technology, apps, agriculture, tourism or social causes.

Waste management with blockchain

ship in Argentina HIVE for waste management with cryptocurrencies tries to solve global problems such as environmental pollution through the use of blockchain technology. This enables citizens and entrepreneurs who are committed to efficient waste management to be connected via a mobile application in order to offset an autonomous cryptocurrency called JellyCoin.

The project consists of a team of young professionals who are motivated to solve the problem of waste management from the province of Misiones. They have received government support from the Department of Industry and several institutions to run a pilot in the region.

Last February, the project announced the strategic signing with the South Korean blockchain platform FLETA, with the aim of “Sign a partnership to develop and promote the services provided by the company and the services provided by the partner”, according to the Memorandum of Understanding between the parties.

Recently, the project was represented alongside Naves Misiones at the 1st Posadas Sustainable Development Expo 2020, where they presented their technological proposal for circular economy in waste management with cryptocurrencies and their strategic alliance with FLETA Blockchain.

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