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Blockchain-powered social networks offer more options for users

August 16, 2020

As people continue to ponder issues such as technology development, economic action, and freedom of expression due to the COVID-19 pandemic, The blockchain has now turned out to be the solution for many situations. Iva Wisher, co-founder of Ignite, a decentralized microblogging platform, said that the blockchain It can also be a solution to government sponsored censorship in the current new normal associated with the pandemic.

During an interview with Cointelegraph, Wisher made it clear that in general Freedom of expression means “the ability to express an opinion that is unpopular, unless that opinion is not a call to violence”.

Blockchain technology could then provide an opportunity “to express your opinion without the risk of punishment”. from the government, Wisher added.

Blockchain-powered social networks offer more options for usersBlockchain-powered social networks offer more options for users

Vladislavs Semjonovs, also co-founder of Ignite, believes so decentralized platforms with community governance systems as ignition make it “technically impossible” to comply with state-sponsored censorshipLike the recent U.S. government ban on TikTok:

“First we need to implement a blockchain consensus to issue a full solution to the content relevance mechanism. The Prometeus team [protocolo descentralizado] comes from the cutting edge of big data and AI, so After implementing the consensus mechanism, we can apply the latest AI technologies to deliver relevant content to our users.“.

According to Wisher, a social network or a microblogging platform should be operated with a blockchain Implementation of an AI-based branding system for sensitive content in order to “protect users from any kind of illegal content”Because the moderators shouldn’t be part of a decentralized platform like the one used to fight censorship, he adds.

Since users can still see messages that others might consider “hate speech”, Semjonovs says they “need to confirm this with a captcha”. (…) Users can choose at any time not to view any content from a particular user. “.

Ignites Semyonovs To explain technical like yours The project can be a reference for other similar platforms that could start in the blockchain environment of social networksand how the platform can be controlled by the community using models like DAO:

“Ignite first (or any other Community-controlled social network) cannot exist without a powerful and flexible consensus mechanismlike that of BSC. Second, BSC has a mini-token function (BEP8) that fits into the upcoming Ignite community system. Regarding Skynet, we share common ideas and directions for developing decentralized ecosystems. The social network cannot guarantee a comfortable UX (user experience) without a CDN (Content Distribution Network). “

That’s what the two co-founders of Ignite believe the adverse effects of the recent US TikTok ban and similar actions by the Indian government against requests from China “will increase over a period after the pandemic”::

“We believe that Blockchain media technologies should give people free choice of content for social mediaJust like fintech blockchain technologies have brought this freedom to their financial activities. “

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