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Blockchain platform partners enable the consolidation of reward points

April 24, 2020

The blockchain platform for reward points, The MiL.k Alliance has partnered with the Southeast Asian travel accommodation platform Yanolja to ensure compatibility and use of reward points.

“Integration in South Korea’s fastest growing online travel agency means this Yanolja members can now connect the Yanolja app to the MiL.k app. Providing the opportunity to earn rewards and participate in MiL.k promotions, “said a statement to Cointelegraph.

MiL.k makes reward points less cumbersome

Earning reward points can be an isolated effort. It is often not possible to transfer or sell such points. Points often have to be used at the home company as well.

Blockchain platform partners enable the consolidation of reward pointsBlockchain platform partners enable the consolidation of reward points

MiL.k’s blockchain-based system focuses on the tourism, leisure and lifestyle sectors. The team Customers can collect points from companies in the sector mentioned and receive these points on the MiL.k platform.

The statement added that customers can use and exchange their points in different capacities, which enables better compatibility.

Yanolja adds an access component

A major player in Southeast Asia, Yanolija also works in the areas of transportation, leisure and accommodation. The company’s platform that works with a variety of companies in the main industry, the statement detailed.

Recent development is that the framework of Yanolija directly hosts the MiL.k blockchain-based product and thus enables a central location with award points from various companies. Thanks to an upcoming update in May, customers can also earn Yanolija coins that are compatible with the MiL.k environment.

“By participating in the MiL.k Alliance, service companies increase the benefit of their reward points, which is a clear advantage for their customers.”Jayden Jo, CEO of the MiL.k Alliance, said in the statement:

“As more and more partners join, the MiL.k platform will act as an effective marketing tool that partner companies can use to promote co-promotions and events that target the platform’s vast customer base.”

Last fall, the Japanese stock exchange, Coincheck also tried reward points so users could trade them for crypto assets.

Cointelegraph contacted MiL.k for further details, but has so far received no response from the press. This article will be updated accordingly when a response is received.

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