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Blockchain is one of the technologies Proptech is using to help the real estate sector

August 25, 2020

How does Proptech help the real estate sector? This question was asked by MSN Noticias in an article signed by Georgina Baltazar. The use of blockchain technology appeared among the answers.

This article quoted Javier Romero, CEO of Hausy, who said: “Proptech offers the real estate sector a range of technological opportunities that translate into more agile, efficient and cost-effective processes”.

The publication stated that without technology, from the moment a person decides to buy a house to signing papers, it could take anywhere from six to nine months during the period via a digital platform, according to Romero’s estimates three months.

Blockchain is one of the technologies Proptech is using to help the real estate sectorBlockchain is one of the technologies Proptech is using to help the real estate sector

On the other hand, according to Rubén Frattini, Senior Partner of Orange Investments – also quoted in the article, There are ten ways Proptech is affecting the real estate industry:

  1. Improving the user experience
  2. Opportunity to contact new investors
  3. Blockchain implementation and BigData
  4. Efficiency in creating comparative analyzes
  5. Analysis to generate investment decisions
  6. Greater efficiency and customization
  7. Flexibility in deciding what to buy and what to sell
  8. Assimilation of new technologies
  9. A more agile and accessible market
  10. Simplified processes.

Some points to consider

Georgina Baltazar said: “In 2018, the housing company Tierra Armonía tried to move from a centralized system to a technology that would provide transparency in the management of the properties it develops and market, and allows owners to manage themselves and reserve space Convenience, record visits, review audit logs, make payments for services, and get real-time information. ”

Then he added: “After comparing different platforms, in 2019 he decided to use the Happy Community ERP in 100 condominiums. The results achieved include reducing payroll, increasing productivity and efficiency, and strengthening customer relationships. “

Guillermo Campo, manager of Vida Condominal en Tierra y Armonía, a construction company in Jalisco, Mexico, commented: “From a letter with no debt to a bank statement, several people have been hired to carry out these tasks. Now two employees are responsible for operating the system. In a condominium with 2,600 houses, for example, the creation of documents has accumulated in view of the large volume of demand. “Additionally, the manager noted that it was useful to be able to comply with tax obligations, e-invoicing, and be more efficient in creating receipts.

Antti Kulppi, founder of the Comunidad Feliz, explained: “A traditional company can connect via the tools offered by a proptech and offer competitive advantages over its competitors”.

Tierra y Armonía centralized its administration in Guadalajara, from where it operates vertical and horizontal residential projects. The construction work will be carried out in Guadalajara, Querétaro, Nayarit and Cancun.

“This It has made it possible to expand without having to open offices in each unit, make management of maintenance resources transparent and ensure that the community of residents is connected. From another point in the real estate ecosystem, Hausy is helping buyers find their ideal home faster and with simple processes, ”the article explained.

“In this way, we support reactivation by families who are making better investment decisions in this sector in times of economic uncertainty,” said Javier Romero.

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