Blockchain Heroes collectibles are based on real characters from the crypto community

Blockchain Heroes, A new digital card game on WAX Blockchain is presented 50 unique superheroes, inspired by leading influencers, iInventor and creator of content across the blockchain community.

The series, developed by The Bad Crypto Podcast, co-moderators Joel Comm and Travis Wright, It’s a weird parody of crypto personalities presented as superheroes.

The designs of the cards, the names of the heroes and the personalities presented will be announced closer to the release date, Let’s all speculate about the real identities of the few names that have been removed, including Lady Lightning, Captain Currency and Data Avenger.

Blockchain Heroes collectibles are based on real characters from the crypto community
Blockchain Heroes collectibles are based on real characters from the crypto community

Wyldwrangler, The Prophet and Litespeed from Blockchain Heroes

Wyldwrangler, The Prophet and Litespeed from the Blockchain Heroes series. Source: BCHeroes

Comm and Wright “talked about it Non-consumable tokens (NFT) to the [sus] Podcast listeners for several months, “said Comm. In May 2020, They contacted the trading card company “Topps” Launch Garbage Pail Kids Decks in digital format on WAX Blockchain. The letters were sold out in less than 28 hours, and collectors made up to 25 times more profit on a secondary market.

This was the decisive factor in deciding to bring your product to WAX:

“When we saw what Topps and WAX could do together, we discovered the ideal way to launch a new product that we believe will be accepted by the blockchain community. It will be fun Collect cards and trade! ”

The project is funded by a grant from WAX Labs and It will be released on August 4, 2020 on WAX Blockchain. Selected from a variety of proposals, BD’s WAX Director Evan Vandenberg explained that the combination of the NFT concept with the crypto world I draw your attention to yourself:

“Joel and Travis were incredibly creative and put together collection concepts and works of art. Combine that with themes and characters from the crypto world and I think you have a very interesting project for space. “

The card collection will show superheroes ranging from the common to the mythical and they are stored in the blockchain in the form of Non-consumable tokens (NFT) that distinguishes them from traditional trading cards. Each card is assigned a unique factory identification number, the will provide a transparent sales and trading history, Immutable evidence of ownership and demonstrable scarcity.

Disclosure of names

Litespeed is number one card

Litespeed is card # 1. Source: Cointelegraph

In his podcast on June 11th Comm and Wright showed Litespeed as the number 1 compared to Flash. Another character is The Prophet holds a Bitcoin cash table With A Bitcoin table spins on the floor. (Who does that remind you of?)

NBA, Italian football and garbage pail kids

The NFT has found wide acceptance on a variety of platforms with the Team behind CryptoKitties connected to the NBA To produce collectibles under the NBA brand and the photos of the players.

The Italian soccer team Juventus offers trading cards with players like Cristiano Ronaldo on the Ethereum blockchain.

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