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Blockchain co-inventor of why he’s not Satoshi Nakamoto

April 28, 2020

The blockchain co-inventor, Scott Stornetta talks about the origins of the name “Satoshi Nakamoto” and why it is not.

The original Bitcoin (BTC) document references eight works. One is a general book on probability, the rest is vital to the crypto space. Three of these works were written by Stornetta. In a 1991 article, “How to Stamp Time on a Digital Document,” Stornetta and his former partner, Stuart Haber, proposed a decentralized scheme that could be used to certify when a file was created or modified:

“We suggest computationally practical methods for digitally stamping such documents so that a user cannot return or forward their document.”

For fans of blockchain history: The article refers to paper on the future Turing award winner and founder of Algorand (ALGO), Silvio Micali.

Blockchain co-inventor of why he’s not Satoshi NakamotoBlockchain co-inventor of why he’s not Satoshi Nakamoto

Many of the principles proposed in this and other subsequent documents were later used by Satoshi Nakamoto. However Long before Bitcoin, Huber and Stornetta founded their own blockchain network, which is considered the first of its kind and continues to work today.

“Satoshi Nakamoto”

As a convert to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Stornetta went to Japan as a missionary to speak fluent Japanese and then give him a job as a patent translator.

Stornetta said of possible interpretations of the name “Satoshi Nakamoto”:

“You can buy a full dictionary that is just a Japanese name. And then Satoshi could have 20 different kanji to support him. PeOf course, I tend to think that “Satoru” is a Japanese word “to know”, “to be wise”.

On the other hand the surname “Nakamoto” It’s a very common Japanese name, just “like Smith or Johnson”. However If one divided it into Kanjis, one possible interpretation would be:

“‘Naka’ obviously means that the center of ‘moto’ is the origin of.”

Similar interpretations sparked a conspiratorial notion that Bitcoin was created by the Central Intelligence Agency.

Why is he not Satoshi?

Although his work and Japanese skills make Stornetta a perfect candidate for Satoshi, he has always clearly denied this. In addition, he presented an ideological argument as to why he is not Satoshi:

“And so much of our focus focused on the ability to continually renew the integrity of the registry over time, so that the registries take decades, if not centuries, and we will survive quantum-resistant computing and all of these things didn’t pay attention to Satoshi at all. “

Though he says he doesn’t know Satoshi Nakamoto’s identity, he dismissed Craig Wright:

“I don’t think it’s Craig Wright, let’s put it that way.”

Stornetta believes that we should try to understand Satoshi’s vision of Bitcoin to understand how we can progress. In addition, he believes Bitcoin is more art than science:

“I’m on the side who believes that what was done with Bitcoin was certainly a great job. But it’s more of a work of art, a technical work of art, that opens the door to a number of possibilities, but in no way is it the best final solution that can be built. “

Although Stornetta may not be Satoshi Nakamoto, his work has been critical to Bitcoin and the entire cryptocurrency arena.

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