Blockchain can help find a cure for COVID-19

The blockchain community plays an important role in the development of drugs to combat COVID-19According to Bitcoin Mintz, CEO of the Crypto ATM network Bitcoin Depot, blockchains can bring immense computing power to confirm transactions and generate new currencies.

In an interview with Cointelegraph, Mintz found that The biggest advantage that blockchain brings is “the security aspect of things”. Such a takeover is also useful for contactless payments and online shopping with cryptocurrencies as online sales continue to skyrocket.

The crypto community’s efforts to support COVID-19 investigations

The CEO of Bitcoin Depot commented on the use of computing power to strengthen research projects related to COVID-19, Allocate resources across platforms supported by blockchains:

“Given the global spread of COVID-19, we have had to process more information online than ever before, and incorporating the added security that blockchain offers has been a great help in my opinion. I think such developments are great. If resources are available and they could potentially significantly improve the project, I think more institutions should consider expanding their own projects in this way. “

Blockchain can help find a cure for COVID-19
Blockchain can help find a cure for COVID-19

Mintz clarified that despite the fact that there will always be “some fragmentation” in the crypto community, there are ways to help investigate a cure. “The vast majority of the community have joined forces to find innovative new ways to fight the virus. “

Lessons from after the pandemic

Mintz noticed that When the pandemic ends, the blockchain community can see what other use cases the technology has, not just for virus-related research. Said:

“I think one of the biggest benefits for most is that blockchain technology can be as flexible as necessary. Especially in cases like the current pandemic, we have found blockchain to be used to manage patient data and track contacts to help companies review donations. The community has found ways to use it for non-typical uses, and I hope this trend continues in the future. ”

Bitcoin Depot’s CEO says he is pleased to see governments embrace blockchain, how they dealt with the pandemic. He added:

“I sincerely believe that you can go further and further. We are looking for new ways to fight the virus with technology every day, and I think adopting these new technologies and ideas could be very beneficial for many governments with problems. “

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