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Blockchain-based voting is growing in educational institutions

June 16, 2020

Polys is a blockchain-based platform developed by Kaspersky Innovation Hub. In the last months of March and April, 52% of the votes cast in polys were cast by educational institutions, as evidenced by an anonymous metadata analysis. This was reported by El Economista from Spain on June 15. In general, the Spanish media indicated that online voting increased during the above period.

According to an article, the restriction due to the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic has sparked greater interest in this type of platform among educational institutions. This is due to the need to transfer self-government processes to the online environment.

“Many colleges and universities have closed due to measures to curb the spread of the corona virus. Although the situation is improving in some countries (…). In response, many of them have introduced distance learning, and analysis of the use of polys has shown that shared decisions about education have also moved to the online environment.“detailed the publication.

Blockchain-based voting is growing in educational institutionsBlockchain-based voting is growing in educational institutions

“”In March and April, the number of sessions at polys tripled compared to 2019, with the share of educational institutions increasing significantly. Votes in this area increased 17 percentage points over the same period last year when it was 35%, “they later added from El Economista.

As stated, Electronic voting is common among both students and teachers. “Some of the processes carried out by the latter were the selection of examiners for research work, the approval of the study program and other administrative issues. Via the Polys platform, the students gave their opinions, whether they wanted to study remotely or not, they have the quality of the Online classes are evaluated and, for example, the winner of a painting competition selected, “the article noted.

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