Blockchain Australia wants to strengthen the trust of the industry with the new CEO

The new head of Blockchain Australia, Steve Vallas, announced that it will focus on Build trust in blockchain technology and improve corporate and government image.

Vallas replaces Nick Giurietto, who has headed the club for five years. He worked as an industry coach and mentor for several universities and accelerator programs is the founder of the Australian marketing company Honey Digital. Fences too He advised governments in the blockchain sector.

A new vision

Vallas spoke to Cointelegraph and stated this will focus on strengthening the confidence of key industry leaders in the technologyand improve your understanding as a stable and well-developed solution:

“It boils down to the definition of the people of ‘blockchain’. Their views were formed in 2017, when a lot of scams and projects took place [mal planificados] failed. “

Blockchain Australia wants to strengthen the trust of the industry with the new CEO
Blockchain Australia wants to strengthen the trust of the industry with the new CEO

Vallas explained that although people usually know that this technology is generally used for cryptocurrencies You will not be able to understand how it could be applied to other fieldslike supply chain, retail or legal sector.

In the right time

Many industries have received the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. However, the blockchain industry is one of the few that can take advantage of this situationInsured Vallas.

“”[El COVID-19] He highlighted the shortcomings of current systems and pointed out the potential of blockchain platforms. “, because it does not depend on humans to continue to function. Utilities are just one of the many industries that have seen massive disruptions in the past few months, and organizations can now discuss unorthodox solutions.

Said Blockchain Australia could take advantage of the opportunity that comes from talking to companies planning a future after the pandemic.

Blockchain Australia’s work plan

In February this year The Australian Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources formulated a new strategy at the national level This captures the potential value generated by the participation of blockchain companies in a national work plan based on this technology.

Vallas will also take the lead in the work schedule Discussions with industry leaders and government officials to bring key parties together for current efforts.

He believes that It was a very necessary start and was welcomed by many as clear evidence that the government, both the state and the federal government, was ready to work with leading representatives of the blockchain industry to develop a sustainable plan.

“This is the first interaction [seria] from both state and federal governments […] and just last month the [Primer Ministro] Scott Morrison said blockchain technology is something that should be considered“”

The platform can be extended to many industries and, according to Vallas, has the potential to be “very harmful” for many of them It is important to involve as many parties as possible in the debate from the start in order to develop strategies that enable Australia to achieve better acceptance.

The goal to move forward is to connect and collect the “information pages” that already exist between the different sectors, he said.

Vallas concluded that he wanted to focus on the people behind the technology:

“Good people do things and we do [Blockchain Australia] We have a duty to support them. “

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