Blockchain architects are one of the most sought-after professions this year 2020

This year 2020, digitization was pretty shaken, which led to the creation of new forms of employment and that more specialists can apply for different areas and careers depending on the requirements.

A recent publication revealed the most popular sectors and jobs and the best salaries. They highlight the professions related to blockchain technology, as well as system architects among others.

The digital transformation was one of the most important pillars in the renewal of companies. However, a percentage of them is a major obstacle: this leads to a lack of adequate profiles.

Blockchain architects are one of the most sought-after professions this year 2020
Blockchain architects are one of the most sought-after professions this year 2020

Since many companies are researching the technology, they are also hiring qualified personnel to develop innovative solutions. As a result, there is strong demand for blockchain experts worldwide.

The blockchain architect may be one of the most profitable career opportunities. Blockchain has been around for some time, and now we’re seeing new types of career opportunities.

Blockchain architects

A blockchain architect is responsible for working with research and development teams and helps to involve blockchain in creating and designing solutions. exploit the structures and concepts between assets.

It will also work on new innovations and create performance standards to assess each new solution. In addition, the skills of the blockchain architect include extensive experience with blockchain architecture frameworks and with the creation of storage solutions.

Sectors as diverse as music or logistics are already using this technology to improve their processes. So it is not surprising that the expert in Blockchain will become one of the most sought-after digital companies this year.

With a current profile, the demand and salaries of these experts have skyrocketed. The remuneration according to the above publication is approximately $ 90,000 to $ 110,000 gross per year.

For your consideration, some of the blockchain architect’s career opportunities would be: blockchain consultant, LoT + blockchain implementation expert, head of corporate innovation, or an expert in new stock markets, among others.

Information architect

Information architecture is a pillar of technology and the organization of large companies and part of a large context of digital transformation.

There are digital companies that need a structure and organization of the web to make it accessible and to optimize its usefulness for the user experience. The information architects are responsible for this task. They organize the website according to the needs of the company and customers.

This is another of the highest paid careers. Depending on company size and experience, these specialists can charge between 40,000 and 70,000 euros annually.

Blockchain for the not too distant future

Looking to the future, new job openings in the technology world, which include blockchain and crypto, will increase not only because of their usefulness, but also because they reduce operating costs and speed up transactions, among other things. They make it unnecessary for parties to a company to trust an intermediary and enable them to manage an intelligent contract effectively.

According to the publication, the most common first jobs in 2020 in the technology and blockchain sector include the data analyst and data scientist, the web analyst and expert for web analytics, the digital project manager and scrum master as well as the financial director and fintech among others.

There are more and more companies offering this type of job and there is a lack of talent to fill these positions. Therefore, those who are interested in developing in these areas or who are already fully intellectual educated have high chances of achieving their goals when you enter the active market. Digitization is making rapid leaps forward. New professions will surely emerge in a few years.

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