Blockchain application to check the Panam Sports vote

The Pan American Sports Organization, also known as Panam Sports, has managed the voting process of its General Assembly through Atos Vote, an Atos voting platform using blockchain technology. This was reported on the computing portal.

As stated in the publication, the gathering took place virtually on December 15-16, and brought together 41 national Olympic committees of America.

The article details: “Atos Vote was made available through an online portal and application for smartphones so that the 41 members of the National Olympic Committees, located in different regions and time zones, could vote in elections for President of the Sport of Panama and the United States, for new members of the Executive Committee and major decisions on the proposed amendment to the Constitution”.

Blockchain application to check the Panam Sports vote
Blockchain application to check the Panam Sports vote

“The application is secured by design (SBD) and offers a new level of security for online voting thanks to three key elements: authenticity using two-factor authentication and user biometrics; User authorization through the blockchain wallet and cryptography so that the content can only be decrypted using a private key stored on the phone. In addition to the basic functions of registering, voting and reviewing votes, users can take advantage of enhanced automations that allow voting through proxy or bulk voting from any device or operating system, ”they later stated.

On the other hand, they reminded that Atos was named Global Exclusive IT Partner of Panam Sports in 2018.

“Since then, Atos has provided and will continue to provide bespoke solutions for future editions of the Pan American Games, including the 2023 Pan American Games in Santiago,” the publication concluded.

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