Blockchain and its impact on the Internet of Things

Right now, IoT and blockchain are working closely together to create a better connection available to the people of the world. Therefore, the number of blockchain projects related to the Internet of Things has increased. Then this is done. Mention of some of them with a brief description: nbsp;


Helium is the world’s first decentralized machine network, the goal of which is to provide an affordable and accessible Internet connection for IoT and devices with low data consumption. The company uses blockchain technology to connect these low-power IoT devices (like routers and microchips). At the same time, third parties can establish a connection to such a network and at the same time build a sustainable economic ecosystem.

The two most important elements of this technology are the HNT tokens and the data credits. These are the economic components that support and reward those who participate in and maintain the network. The Helium project is part of the so-called LoRaWAN projects, which focus on the Internet of Things and are widespread worldwide. Nbsp; nbsp;


Blockchain and its impact on the Internet of Things
Blockchain and its impact on the Internet of Things

It combines blockchain and IoT products to offer a comprehensive supply chain solution. Chronicled uses IoT-enabled shipping containers and sensors to provide real-time updates on shipping processes. Chronicled’s solution is primarily focused on medical supply chains.

In fact, Chronicled’s flagship MediLedger is part of the system proposals that have been presented to the FDA for their new systems, specifically for compliance with the new Medical Supply Chain Safety Act that is about to begin. enter into force in 2023.


IOTA is a German company that started its activities in 2015. Your main goal is to develop broadly and in-depth everything related to the Internet of Things. In fact, it’s the world’s first IoT-focused blockchain platform. In addition, it should be noted that a new model of virtual money transactions has gradually been created, different from that traditionally used in the cryptocurrency market.

In 2017 it was created The IOTA Foundation, whose main aim is to research and create new knowledge to contribute elements of IoT development, develop software, promote technologies for future generations and companies of all kinds regarding the use of IoT to advise. In this way, a new model of virtual money transactions has been created in order to obtain funding to help the foundation achieve its goals.

IOTA is by far the largest blockchain project that focuses on IoT. During its existence, several IoT projects have been developed and put into practice focusing on solving real-world problems in the industry in all industries. For industrial reasons, in-car wallets (like the Jaguar Land Rover wallet), automatic and assisted driving systems, medical systems, smart cities and health.

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