Blockchain and artificial intelligence protagonists at the Digital Business World Congress 2021

Blockchain technology and artificial intelligence will play a leading role in the virtual meeting of the Digital Business World Congress 2021 trade fair in Madrid, Spain. This place concentrates the synergy between knowledge and experience, where new business methods emerge and new solutions and ideas are implemented.

As described on its website, the event is will bring together at least the 500 best digital experts in the world, thousands of visitors, who gather every year in Madrid to discuss how digital is changing the corporate sector in order to acquire the critical knowledge, skills and solutions for your future of business. Industry sectors. It will take place from May 18-20, 2021.

The 500 international speakers who will take part in the World Digital Business Congress present success stories and new business models. They will also discuss leadership issues and the implementation of digital strategies. Overall, the World Digital Business Congress means more than 250 hours of discussions. Y. It will have Blockchain Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Big Data and more in its main themes.

Influential speakers of international standing

Blockchain and artificial intelligence protagonists at the Digital Business World Congress 2021
Blockchain and artificial intelligence protagonists at the Digital Business World Congress 2021

The congress brings together inspiring speakers, global influencers and authorities who discuss different roles, industries and technologies from the perspective of the current digital revolution. This is an ideal forum for executives who want to understand the digital economy and new business models in order to expand their leadership and learn to successfully implement digital strategies in their organizations.

It also connects the most innovative companies, providers of technological solutions based on AI, IoT, blockchain, cloud, cybersecurity, AR / VR, big data, marketing automation and special products especially for digital marketing and Industry 4.0 with executives at C-level and Purchase decision makers who support DES with the aim of finding the best solutions from the following key industries.

They are convinced of the organization of the event that blockchain technology will fundamentally change the future. Data management and new opportunities based on distributed shared automation will have both business and institutional implications. The pillars for industry acceptance that bring the new opportunities and effects of blockchain applications are being shaped.

They also believe that this first wave of blockchain is moving towards a decentralized and cryptocurrency-related future. However, in order to reach their full potential, many challenges remain open, such as mass adoption, standardization, regulatory implications, interoperability and much more.

Previous editions

In just a few years, since 2016, the Digital Enterprise Show has established itself as the world’s largest international forum for digital transformation and digital economy, which helps executives and public administrations to understand the effects of artificial intelligence, blockchain, IoT, cloud or cybersecurity the company, financial statements and how to use them.

The renewal for the coming years and the support from government institutions such as ICEX, the City Council of Madrid and the Ministry of Energy, Tourism and Digital Agenda underline the commitment shown and the need for a world congress of this magnitude in Spain.

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