Blockchain Analysis How Do These Tools Work?

The types of tools used to analyze blockchains include:

Chain analysis (KYT, reactor, cryptos)

As shown on the official site, Developers who work for Chainalysis try to create transparency in the cryptographic economic ecosystem that thrives on blockchains and provide forensic information about blockchain technology to banks, corporations and government agencies in different countries. so that we can all enjoy a healthier and more reliable cryptographic economy.

The operation of this tool consists of data extraction and analysis of data from the blockchain. All of this is based on forensic investigation programs that meet the requirements of major government, banking and law enforcement agencies around the world. These analyzes are made available to these institutions in order to simplify the process they carry out and to prevent cryptocurrency transactions from being used for illegal purposes.

Blockchain Analysis How Do These Tools Work?
Blockchain Analysis How Do These Tools Work?

However, the Directors of Chainalysis claim not only that their services are effective in locating illegal activity within blockchains, but also because of the large amount of information that has accumulated over the years. You will be able to develop applications that will use this information to give cryptocurrency investors a much more solid basis for making decisions that will allow them to make investments with a greater guarantee of success.

Alethio (for Ethereum)

Alethio is a platform that offers its users real-time information on data from the Ethereum blockchain. M.Through the tools this platform makes available to its users, they can see the behavior of the crypto ecosystem of the Ethereum network.

This information is also used by government agencies, banks, and exchanges to perform their data analysis and identify activities that may be classified as suspicious.

Alethio aims to provide users with a range of analytical tools that will allow them to get clearer and better organized information about the contingencies within the Ethereum blockchain in real time. In this way, It helps to make the activities that take place every day more transparent, both on the Ethereum blockchain and another type of blockchain.

Bison trails

Bison Trails is an infrastructure as a service provider in the blockchain that is intended to pave the way for users to securely connect nodes across multiple nbsp; Blockchains with the support of a solid infrastructure backed by a team of professionals who are committed to the security of the infrastructure and the building of distributed systems.

According to the announcements made by Bison Trails on its official site, the task of running a node on a network with Proof of Stake (PoS) becomes easy for anyone who wishes to participate through its services. on the blockchain. All of this without having to get involved in the technical aspects on which such a task is based.

The blockchain analytics technology company has been negotiating with key players in the cryptographic ecosystem to offer its users a wider range of solutions, such as the support they announced for Ethereum 2.0 and Web 3.0.including agreements with other companies in the industry. nbsp;


BlockPit is a software that allows you to manage the financial movements of your portfolio and perform the calculations that correspond to the taxes that the holder of cryptocurrencies must pay for the taxes that the respective government agencies of a country demand. for holding cryptocurrencies.

Cross-platform monitoring for both companies and private cryptocurrency traders can be carried out via Blockpit. This monitoring makes it possible to calculate the taxable cryptographic income and the acceptance of the tax return by the tax advisor.

The decentralized nature of cryptocurrency transactions makes it difficult to keep track of such transactions, and hence the compilation of the necessary documentation to calculate the amounts of tax that come from these exchanges. In this sense, Blockpit automatically records all sources of income and creates a transparent record in which all processes are documented on a daily basis. Nbsp;

BlockPit offers options such as the configuration of personalized alarms that keep you informed of any eventuality of your interest that may arise in the monitored data. There is also a Tax Tips option, which provides tips on tax optimization and information on regulatory changes in the field of cryptography.

In addition, Blockpit has a worldwide network of licensed tax advisors who can review and approve documents upon request. This eliminates the risk of providing incorrect information to the tax office and thus being processed by the authorities responsible for taxation.


Elliptic is a blockchain data analytics company trying to solve the identity problem in transactions in order to prevent activities in the cryptocurrency ecosystem whose purposes are suspicious or illegal.

To do your job Elliptic constantly monitors the data recorded in the network mempools. From there, the information is compared with the data from the elliptical database. In this way, the developers of Elliptic claim that a transaction classified as suspicious can be detected even before it is registered in the respective blockchain.

In addition, Elliptic has its own group of researchers and analysts. These are used to process information through the use of data science to carry out forensic examinations of cryptocurrencies. They use it to create detailed reports that they make available to government agencies and police forces in various countries. Everything to discover those people or groups of you who are committing illegal activities in the global cryptographic ecosystem.


Scorechain has a suite for monitoring movements in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. The aim is to minimize the risks caused by fraudulent transactions and illegal activities. Nbsp;

Like Elliptic and Chainalysis, Scorechain seeks to trace the trail of a transaction that is classified as suspicious, from the point at which it originated to its destination. In this way, the transaction is de-anonymized and it is easier to find the user or users who are responsible for the transaction in question.


It is a blockchain intelligence company that has in common with the companies already mentioned the determination of the underlying identities in the transactions carried out in cryptocurrencies.

CipherTrace offers the ability to pull information from wallets or virtual purses. As well as tracking smart contracts and exchanges. In short, everything you need to be able to track suspicious activity in the cryptocurrency world.

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